Liberty Jane Pleated Skirt Pattern For American Girl Dolls

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PATTERN OVERVIEW: Sas! A short pleated skirt can only mean one thing. Sas! A little provocative, but still okay if worn in a proper way. But don’t you want to decide that for yourself? Now you can, with our fun Pleated Skirt Pattern Guidebook. It’s your call. Will your AG doll look like a prep school girl, or a rocker? Hard choice. We suggest you follow your inner star, and make a few different versions to decide for yourself!
PATTERN GUIDEBOOK DETAILS: This is a 12 page guidebook that you digitally dowloaded as a pdf file so you can start your project immediately. The Adobe pdf viewer is required. You simply print out the pdf and you’re ready to start. The Guidebook provides step-by-step instructions on creating pleated skirts for your 18 inch American Girl Doll. In terms of sewing difficulty, this is an intermediate level pattern, with instructions and pictures layed out in a way that a begginer sewer can understand. In other words, if you’ve never sewn before, you might find it hard, but if you’ve sewn before, you can probably do it pretty easily. You can make a pleated skirt in an hour or two, then once you’ve learned how to do it, you can make dozens of fun skirts for your 18 inch American Girl Dolls. Before printing your new guidebook, ensure the ‘page scaling’ is set to ‘none’ in the print dialogue box. If it is set to ‘shrink to fit’ the pattern will not be properly sized.

You Get…
Pictures – Beautiful example pictures of skirts including our popular Summer In Paris, Best Of Both Worlds, and Until Twilight.
Step-by-Step Instructions – These easy to follow instructions walk you through each step in completing your American Girl Dolls new skirt.
The Pattern – Easy to use, wonderfully designed, and not complicated.


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Sample Page:
Page #2 From The Guidebook:
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The Summer In Paris Skirt modeled by our American Girl Doll:
American Girl Doll Chrissa modeling the Until Twilight Skirt:

A Note To Aspiring Doll Clothes Makers: Want to become a partner? This pattern is intended for your personal use and enjoyment with your American Girl Doll, and not for commercial purposes. However, if you’d like permission to use our patterns for work-from-home sewing and selling, send us a request stating, “I’d like to become a partner”. Send it to We would be thrilled to partner with you. Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved.

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A Note About File Sharing: Just like you buy a song from itunes for your personal use, you are buying 1 copy of this guidebook for your personal use. You do not have our permission to share it, resell it, or give it to someone else in any form. Selling this pdf file, or it’s contents, or giving it to someone else, is wrong and violates our copyright. Copyright 2009, all rights reserved.

If you want to purchase this pattern as a gift for someone else, you can certainly share it, or we can provide you with a special gift/coupon code so your recipient can download it to their computer directly. Email us at for more details.

15 responses to “Liberty Jane Pleated Skirt Pattern For American Girl Dolls”

  1. Norma Owings says:

    I purchased this pattern tonight but was unable to download. Can you please re-send it?


  2. EMi says:

    ill find time to buy this. 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    I find this site to shop for AG stuff too wordy, the layout is inconvient, too much self grandoisement, too many site links to navigate and the comment sections unnecessary. Why not simply the layout to make shopping easier. Just make the site to buy stuff instead of all the gab and an about me page to brag. Geez.

  4. Cathy says:

    This is my favorite pattern!

  5. Janet Luera says:

    I love the patterns but they are so lengthy. Several of them required 17 pages of printed directions. Would love if they could be condensed but still have all of the necessry information to complete the project.
    Do like that I can purchase and download at the same time. I am sure my granddaughters will love all of the outfits Granny is making for their dolls.

    • Team LJC says:

      Hi Janet, Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Many of the newer patterns have a text only summary of insturctions page included, we will eventually go back and insert these summary pages into the patterns that were released earlier, like the pleated skirt.

  6. Betty says:

    I love the patterns just the way they’ve always been. They are simple enough a beginner can figure out most of them. Not exeryone is an expert. You should feel fortunate if you are. The diagrams are definitely very helpful, and I would hate to see them go. If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it.

  7. Syd says:

    I bought this pattern and got really excited except when i looked in my downloads it wasn’t there. and neither were all the other patterns i bought. Why? I want a refund.

  8. love your patterns,I am an experienced sewer but like the layout, you dont need to print off all the instructions, you candownload them, print off the patterns, save the instructions to a memory stick and use them again and again, in time you will not need to look at the instructions at all. Brilliant, but you can’t please everyone all the time.

  9. Dell says:

    You are absolutely right, you can not please everyone all the time. I save my patterns in a file and only print the front page and the pattern pieces,so much easier. You can always view the instructions from your computer screen when you are ready to make the garments.

  10. Dell says:

    You are absolutely right, you can not please everyone all the time. I save my patterns in a file and only print the front page and the pattern pieces,so much easier. You can always view the instructions from your computer screen when you are ready to make the garments.

  11. Hodge says:

    I love the patterns but agree some take too many pages. My solution – I print only the pages I want. I print instructions two pages to a sheet – still easily readable but saves half the ink and paper. Be sure to print the pattern pieces at full scale. I also print an extra copy of the pattern pieces while printing original. Then I still have a nice copy for my file if one gets worn out from much use.

  12. Carol Mowers says:

    I was ready to download five patterns and I can’t until I get more ink. I have some but afraid I won’t have enough at this time.I will be downloading more. I love most of these patterns and they don’t look hard to make. My husband had downloaded several things this morning and I didnt realize it so I have to wait. I’m disappointed.

  13. Darlene says:

    I have made multiple skirts with this pattern. Fairly easy to make and very cute. The only confusion is that you can’t go by the pleat markings where the fabric is folded (the center fold). Just continue marking the pleats at the same intervals and you will be fine. If I had known that the first time I would have saved myself a bit of confusion.

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