Doll Clothes Pattern: The Wrap Top Dress

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A Special Note From Cinnamon Miles – Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to announce today that designer Micah Caitlin is joining us in our mission to offer exceptional 18 inch doll patterns. Read more about Micah and her Heritage Doll Fashions Brand here. Visit the Heritage Doll Fashions blog, (formerly Heritage Clothesline) to see more of her work. I’d encourage you to try Micah’s new pattern, and join us in congratulating her!

Pattern is available to purchase exclusively through PIXIE FAIRE. Click HERE to go directly to the website.

Pattern Guidebook Details: This is a beautifully illustrated 18 inch doll dress pattern guidebook that you digitally dowloaded as a pdf file so you can start sewing your new American Girl Doll’s outfit immediately. The Adobe pdf viewer is required. You simply print out the pdf and you’re ready to start. The Guidebook provides the pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating a cute dress for your 18 inch American Girl Doll. Once you learn to make this dress, you can do dozens of fun variations in different fabrics, styles, and colors!

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are the instructions simple even if I’m not a good seamstress? Yes!

Can I start immediately if I have a sewing machine and material? Yes!

Will the finished product come out like the pictures if I follow the directions? Yes!

Will you give me a refund if I’m not happy with the pattern? Yes!

Will making this help me become a better seamstress if I’m just starting out? Yes!

I’ve seen Simplicity patterns and they seem really hard, is this easier than those? Yes!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –What You Get For Just $3.99…

Pictures Beautiful example pictures of the dress.

Step-by-Step Instructions – These easy to follow instructions walk you through each step in completing your American Girl Doll’s new dress.

The Pattern Easy to use, wonderfully designed, and not complicated.

– – – – – –

Is It Time To Teach Your Daughter To Sew?


Maybe this is the perfect project!
Let me just mention one last benefit of buying a Liberty Jane Pattern Guidebook for those of you who are moms – Your daughter is in love with her AG doll, right? Why not use that excitement to teach her a valuable skill – sewing. It’s a skill she’ll use her entire life. The bonding and special one-on-one teaching time with your daughter will be invaluable. This is the perfect project to make it a reality. She’ll be excited to learn, and thank you for showing her something new.
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A Note To Aspiring Doll Clothes Makers: If you are interested in using this pattern for work from home commercial purposes, (for example  to sell items on Ebay or Etsy), and want to receive details about the Liberty Jane Partners Program, simply send us a email request stating, “I’d like to become a partner”. Send it to  We’d love to help you start or grow your new home-based business.

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A Note About File Sharing: Just like you buy a song from itunes for your personal use, you are buying 1 copy of this guidebook for your personal use. You do not have our permission to share it, resell it, or give it to someone else in any form. Selling this pdf file, or it’s contents, or giving it to someone else, is wrong and violates our copyright. Copyright 2010, all rights reserved.

If you want to purchase this pattern as a gift for someone else, you can certainly share it, or we can provide you with a special gift/coupon code so your recipient can download it to their computer directly. Email us at for more details.

10 responses to “Doll Clothes Pattern: The Wrap Top Dress”

  1. Becca says:

    This was the first dress I had attempted to make for my daughter’s brand new American Girl doll. It was so easy to follow your instructions and end up with a sweet little doll dress. My daughter was just thrilled with how the dress turned out. Thank you so much for making such awesome patterns to give a great alternative to buying the expensive AG doll clothes! You’ve given my daughter and I a great hobby to do together and now she’s really interested in sewing.

    Becca Lay

  2. Vera says:

    This pattern is my favorite because it is easy to folow, quick to construct, and dependingon your fabric choeces, can result in so many different looks! My daughters both love their unique doll dresses!

    Thanks for offering such great patterns.

  3. Linda says:

    It is hard to pick a favorite out of your patterns, I realy like all the ones I have bought. But I realy like this out, the fabrics are endless. Thanks for all your hard work going into the designs.

  4. jen says:

    This is my favorite pattern! So pretty, classic…my daughters would LOVE this dress for their girls:)

  5. The more bloggers we have the better its all about netowrking. Talk to me people 🙂

  6. Zari says:

    Is it very hard to make the stripes slanted like that and would it work for bitty babies?

  7. I would like to see this wrap dress done in pinks and browns cotton print…the pinks and browns that are so popular for little girls.

  8. Amy says:

    Hi there, I loved working on this dress! So cute ..! One question: is it possible to use snaps instead of velcro to fasten the back? I used a fabric that doesn’t seem to take well to the velcro strips and wondered if I could just sew in a few snaps instead. This is for an American Girl doll and I’m worried it won’t fit (the doll belongs to a friend’s daughter, so I can’t easily do a fitting.) Has anyone tried this? And how did it turn out?

    • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

      Sure, you can use snaps instead of velcro. I’ve seen the dress made multiple times and the fit is great, you shouldn’t have any issue with it fitting right.

  9. tonya winings says:

    I had purchased this pattern over a year ago, and i had not saved it to my flash drive….i know my mistake…well my daughters had gotten into my folder of patterns and lost a few of the pieces. i cant make them anymore o tjhis dress caus it was two of the pieces to this dress. i didnt know if i contacted you if you could send it to e or if i had to re purchase it. Thnk you God Bless Tonya winings

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