18-21 inch Doll Body Measurements

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We offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch dolls like American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, Journey Girls Dolls, Our Generation Dolls, and Springfield Dolls. We also offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch BFC, Ink. Dolls and 21 inch Karito Kids Dolls specifically. Here is an Illustration showing the body measurements for several of these types of dolls. We do not have a Springfield or Our Generation Doll, so if you know their measurements and would like to leave them in the comments below that would be great. To add clarification to the chart, the waist is measured at the side tag, hips measured around the largest part of the bottom, chest measured right under the arms, arms measured to the wrist, and legs measured at the inseam to the floor.

Here is a picture with 4 different American Girl Dolls and their slight variations in measurements. Mia is the biggest doll that we have and Molly is the smallest and has a slightly longer body than all of the other AG’s that we have. Most AG dolls that you are sewing for are made by Mattel, if a customer has a Pre Mattel doll they usually know it and know that they are a bit Chubbier. The Pre Mattel doll that we have doesn’t seem to be that much bigger, but most are. The LJC Patterns have been fitted to the Mia Doll’s measurements.

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    • Marilyn says:

      I have Journey dolls and Madame Alexander dolls and their feet are considerably different. Would you say the American girl feet are bigger or smaller than the Madame Alexander dool’s feet?

    • Kathy says:

      My granddaughter was kind enough to loan me her American Girl Molly Doll. It is a Pre-Mattel (Pleasant Company) doll with brown hair, bangs, grey eyes. Here are all her measurements:
      Chest = 11 1/2″, Waist = 11 3/4″, Hips = 12 1/2″, Thigh = 6 1/4″, Calf = 5 1/2″, Waist to ankles = 10″, Inseam = 6 1/2″, Shoulder to floor = 14″, Rise = 3 3/4″, Shoulder to shoulder = 6 1/2″, back (across) = 5 1/4″, Neck to fanny bottom = 7 1/2″, Sleeve length (outer)5 1/2″, (inner)4″.
      She is definitely stouter than the newer dolls, important to consider when using patterns. This is the only doll I’ve had opportunity to measure completely. It would be great to have a comprehensive list for all the American Girl Dolls. Maybe someone else can contribute more.
      Sew a Blessing!

    • Isabelle says:

      Dear Liberty Jane Patterns,

      Hello! Thank you for the measurements. I was thinking of getting a Madame Alexander doll and I have two Journey Dolls
      so it was nice to see them together so I could see if two
      different dolls would look okay together. 🙂 It’s so weird how all those brands of dolls look so different, even how
      far up their legs come together an dhow big their head is.

  2. Jason says:

    If you have other dolls measurements please post them in the comment box here. Thanks!


  3. Jason says:

    Here’s info from Rose for Austrailian Girl Dolls- height 19″ * waist 11 1/4″ *hip 12 1/4 ” * shoulder 4″ * arm 7″ * leg 9″
    contact http://www.australiangirldoll.com.au/ for more complete or accurate measurements Helene is really nice and her dolls are beautiful!

  4. Becky says:

    That helps out a lot! Were you get the wig for Molly? Thanks Again!

  5. […] Girl dolls. If you have questions about sizing for a different 18 inch doll be sure to check our doll measurements page and don‘t forget, when you buy this cute pattern, you get the Shiny Happy Dress instructions […]

  6. […] Girl dolls. If you have questions about sizing for a different 18 inch doll be sure to check our doll measurements page and don‘t forget, when you buy this cute pattern, you get the Shiny Happy Dress instructions […]

  7. Shirley says:

    what if its a my americangirl doll

    • Shiningaggirl says:

      My american girl, just like you, historical, girl of the year, or a customized american girl doll usually have the same size of body not to much of a difference, we have 11 dolls and I find their really isn’t much of a difference. Hope this helps. : )

    • Katie says:

      Um, shouldn’t you know that they are all the same size? if you have an AG doll you should know that.

  8. Kristine says:

    What would the head measurement be for the American Girl dolls and the other similar types of dolls? If you could, take a cloth/fabric tape measure and wrap it around covering the ears a bit, you know, like where you wear a hat and let me know the inches.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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  10. Gloria says:

    I have the Samantha doll and the patterns seem to be to small.Skinny jeans would not go on,and the cami was to tight. If you make doll clothes to sell how can you know what doll the buyer has. I do love these patterns. Thanks

  11. […] Girl dolls. If you have questions about sizing for a different 18 inch doll be sure to check our doll measurements page and don‘t forget, when you buy this cute pattern, you get the Shiny Happy Dress instructions […]

  12. […] Kids dolls. If you have questions about sizing for a different 18 inch doll be sure to check our doll measurements […]

  13. frankie says:

    wondering how the Tonner 21″ play dolls compare to Maru and Friends dolls and the Karito kids dolls for clothing size?

  14. Samantha says:

    how tall are the ellowyne dolls

  15. Joan says:

    Whatis the foot measurement of the AG doll

  16. Sarah Jean says:

    The Maplea Girls from Canada have the same measurements as the AG except that their tush is 1″ bigger. They have longer narrow feet that do not fit the AG shoes, but Katito Kids can wear the Maplea shoes beautifully and the shoes are detailed and well made.

    • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

      Thanks for the info Sarah, this is great to know 🙂

    • Etta says:

      I have also noticed that pants JUST fit my Maplelea doll, and they definitely don’t fit into the shoes. I wish someone would publish patterns designed for Maplelea dolls! Especially shoes…:)

  17. sam says:

    can you make more free patterns

  18. Mary H. says:

    Thanks for this chart! I am sewing doll clothes for my granddaughters who recently inherited some used American Girl Dolls. I don’t know if they are pre or post Mattel. My son says they have a label saying that they are made in China. My daughter in law says that their waists are 11.5 inches. I was wondering if your patterns would fit their dolls. (Are there any other distinguishing marks that would help me figure out how old their dolls are?)

    Thank you for any help.


    • The_L says:

      I don’t know if you’re still curious about this, but all AG dolls made before 1998 have a stamp on the back of the neck that says “Pleasant Company.” After the Mattel buyout, this was changed for all new dolls. I have a 1992 Felicity and the 1996 Girl of Today and they do not have tags–this may be a Mattel thing.

      Since the dolls’ bodies are stuffed instead of rigid vinyl, usually the patterns LJC makes work just as well for big-waisted dolls. Just sort of squeeze the dolls and shuffle the stuffing around, or take the heads off (not around kids; it’s creepy to watch!) and take out a little pinch.

    • The_L says:

      Forgot to mention–newer dolls have a neck stamp that says “American Girl,” from what I’ve heard.

      Out of curiosity, are they the historical dolls? If so, which characters? That may help narrow down the year of production, as different dolls were released and retired at different times. Doll of Today/Just Like You/My AG were first released in 1994, and the clothes she comes with tend to be updated every 2-3 years.

  19. Mel says:

    Our Generation dolls are about the same as American Girl but a little wider

  20. Lea says:

    Our Generation (Kaitlyn) :

    Chest : 11 1/8″
    Waist : 11 1/2″
    Hips :12″
    Shoulders : 4 3/4″
    Arms : 5″
    Legs : 7″

  21. Barb says:

    Have you considered making for the Kidz n Cats dolls. They’re roughly the size of Magic Attic dolls. You have so many really cute patterns it would be wonderful to have some for the Kidz. There aren’t many patterns out there for them. Here are their rough measurements.


    8 ¾” chest

    8 ½” waist

    10” hips

    7 ¼” inseam

    10 3/8” head circumference

    2 ¾” foot sole length

    3 ½” around hand

    And crotch measurement from top of belly button down between legs and up to small of back measures 6 ½”


    • JJ says:

      I’ll second the request for Kidz n Cats patterns. I love the current styles Liberty Jane has, but it’s just too much work to try adapt a pattern you’ve already paid for.

  22. Lea says:

    Taryn from Maplelea Girls :

    Chest : 11 1/4″
    Waist : 11 1/8″
    Hips : 12 1/4″
    Shoulders : 4″
    Arms : 5 1/4″
    Legs : 7 1/4″

    Foot length : 2 7/8″ (long narrow foot)

    • Pegg says:

      Thanks I was curious, I sew for AG, SPringfield and was wondering about Maplelea dolls, thanks again. perhaps the shoes I make for Springfield dolls would fit Maplelea dolls as they too are longer and narrower.

  23. Kathryn says:

    Springfield Dolls:
    Chest- ~10 1/4″
    Waist- ~11″
    Hips- ~11 1/2″
    Shoulders- ~5 1/2″
    Arms- ~5″
    Legs- ~6 1/2″

    If there is anything wrong with these measurements please let me know.

  24. Annette O says:

    What is the neck size for Samantha AG? I am making necklaces for my granddaughters Samantha and I don’t have access to the doll. Wrist size would also be helpful. Thank you!

  25. Colleen Lalonde says:

    Lily from New berry Dolls from Sears.

    Chest – 10.5
    Waist – 10.5
    Hips – 11
    Shoulders – 4.5
    Arms – 5
    Legs – 6

  26. Debbie says:

    I have been making some cloths for my granddaughter’s AG doll. Am interested in making shoes but don’t have access to the doll – 11 hr drive apart. I traced the foot of the doll at Xmas time, and did find on 1 site that the foot size was 2-1/2″ long by 1-3/8″ wide. What I am concerned about is the height of the foot (from the bottom of the foot to the top of the foot). I realize that it will differ depending on where you measure, but am looking for an approximate measurement about midway up the foot. Can anyone help. I believe the doll she has is a “Just like me” doll that she got approx 2-3 years ago. By the way, I love your patterns.

  27. Patty Smigiel says:

    My doll is an Our Generation Doll. Although many of the patterns on this site fit okay, I am making the outfit in muslin first, for a trial fit, make adjustments if needed to the pattern then sew the final product on fabric. Time consuming, INDEED. But, I know when I make the outfit, its going to fit. I wasted a few good pieces of fabric before I learned. Another idea, is to just increase the pattern by 1/8″ (all around). This process also gives my doll a perfect fit.

  28. Julie says:

    I would spend money if I could buy this in a printed poster, frame and hang it in my sewing room… just a thought!

  29. judierob says:

    Just to mention the Design’a Friend doll by Chad Valley. The UK version which I hope to trailblaze a boutique for over here.Her measurements are:
    Height 18″
    Chest 11″
    Waist: 8″
    Hips 11″
    Legs: measuring the outside from hip to ankle 7.1/2″
    Arms: from shoulder to wrist 5.1/2″
    feet 2.1/2″ long 1.1/8 across sole.

    I can cope well with the differences in the body but I am having trouble with footwear. Has anyone any advice please?

  30. deepthi matta says:

    i required 3feet,4feet,and 5.5feet dolls and it should be costumised.is it possible,please let us know.

    thank you

  31. Terrie B. says:

    You guys are the best! Thanks for everything.

  32. Lisa says:

    Have you considered adding Carpatina Dolls to your patterns? They are lovely dolls, and very similar in size to Magic Attic dolls.

  33. Stephanie says:

    What about the 18″ American Girl Doll. What is the length of the soul of her foot?

  34. jane bexton says:

    does any one have the body measurements foe the special edition journey doll “Jordanna”I would like to make some contemporary outfits but alas the doll is with my grand daughter not with me and I would like it to be a surprise.

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  36. madison says:

    Newberry Dolls, I don’t think their there. But you should add them their really nice dolls!

  37. If anyone is looking for the 18 inch doll from the Springfield Collection. I found these measurements on a website Doll Clothes Patterns to Springfield Collection Dolls. They also have free patterns and patterns you can buy. If you would like to download the measurements from this site. Just right click on your mouse and click on print then save as. The measurements follow: Height: 17-1/2 inches; Bust:10-1/2 inches; Waist: 10 inches; Hips: 11-3/4 inches; Inseam: 6-1/2 inches; Thighs:5-1/4 inches; Calf: 4-1/2 inches; Arm (shoulder to wrist) 5-1/8 inches; Arm (ampit to wrist): 3-1/4 inches; Around the shoulders:13-3/4 inches; Around the Neck:5-3/4 inches; Neck Height:3/8 inches; Around the Head:11 inches; Foot: 2-5/8 inches long X 1-3/8 inches wide. I have a Springfield Doll and Liberty Jane AG Doll Patterns fit her good. They may be a littler loser in places but still look on her.

  38. Marilyn Allison says:

    Need help in locating a doll body made of foam rubber, or silicone. A number of years ago I bought from the company a few of these bodies, and now I cannot locate the people that made them. I thought her name was Sandy,,and she had passed away. Her husband took over the running of the business,,I want to buy these bodies again,,but cannot locate the company.

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