Pleated Skirt for BFC, Ink. Dolls

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All sewing patterns are now available exclusively at Pixie Faire. Click HERE to go to the website to purchase the pattern.

Pattern Overview: BFC Ink. Doll fashion essentials! We are now offering our Liberty Jane Pleated Skirt pattern modified for your BFC Ink. doll. It’s trendy and fun. Once you learn how – you can make tons of skirts in denim, cotton, and even corduroy. 

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8 responses to “Pleated Skirt for BFC, Ink. Dolls”

  1. Catherine says:

    was actually wondering about the boots and where you might have got them from?

  2. Emi says:


    I just got my first BFC ink doll today, and i think the paterns are lovely and to DIE for! But I have no money… do you accept visa gift cards?

  3. EMi says:

    ffwssshh… i also had another question. 😛 what doll is that on the cover?

  4. Liz says:

    I downloaded the t-shirt pattern last night and made it. I love how easy the pattern was and instructions were so clear. I have made other doll clothes that should have been this easy but the instructions were not as good. I will be getting all of these before Christmas to make a few outfits for my daughter’s doll. Can you tell me where you got the red wig on this doll? I understand that the wig size for these dolls is 10-11 and I can’t seem to find any quality wigs like this one at that size.

  5. Yuliya says:

    will the super dollfie 1/3 scale boots fit the bfc ink’s new articulated body? i’ve heard that it’s a really tight fit for the new body. if it is really tight, are there any other sizes of doll boots that have a snug fit with socks? Thanks 🙂

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