Bandeau Top for BFC, Ink. Dolls

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Pattern Guidebook Details: BFC Ink. Doll fashion essentials! We are now offering our Liberty Jane Bandeau Top Pattern for your BFC, Ink. doll. It’s trendy and fun. The pattern also includes directions on how to make a cute dress. Your BFC Ink. doll will look great!

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What You Get …


Pictures Beautiful example pictures of the top and dress for your BFC Ink Doll.
Step-by-Step Instructions – These easy to follow instructions walk you through each step in completing your BFC Doll’s new top.

The Pattern – This is an easy pattern and can be made with a variety of fabrics.


Addison is modeling the dress option.

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4 responses to “Bandeau Top for BFC, Ink. Dolls”

  1. enee miller says:

    Cinnamon, Thanks so much for the patterns, I just love them. I have already made some t-shirts for the dolls and put beads on them and also glitter paint to decorate them. I am so excited about the jean pattern. I have also found in my old patterns from when I was little. They are for 18″ Revlon dolls, they fit the BFC dolls perfect too. I did send you a letter but it didn’t go through, so that is why I am writing on this comment page. Enee

  2. Amanda says:

    I have been trying to look for liv doll patterns everywhere and can’t find any….. does anyone know where to find some?

  3. valeria says:


  4. kitty girl says:

    I wuv your doll pants that u made! Soo cute!
    Tell me if its free or not.

  5. […] Sewing Success – Addison’s Liberty Jane Bandeau Top April 5, 2012 By Char Leave a Comment Pin itFinally… I decided I just had to get some sewing done today and I did. For some reason, our BFC Ink doll Addison was the lucky girl again and got a new top. To get warmed up, I picked an easy pattern – the Bandeau Top from Liberty Jane Patterns: […]

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