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Here’s a fun tutorial video showing how to make pj’s like Kanani’s, the American Girl Doll of the year for 2011. This video shows how to modify the Halter Top Pattern and the Leggings Pattern.

We had fun creating this outfit. Here are a few fun questions, we’d love to know your thoughts…

1. What color combinations would look good?

2. Why do you like Kanani?

3. Why you like this outfit?

73 responses to “How to make PJs For Your Doll”

  1. sherry says:

    We would love to see a combination of yellow and purple. They both remind us of happiness and summer sunshine. Also we love this outfit because not only is it a great pj, but is also great for lounging around the house or the beach.

  2. PrairieMom says:

    1. We like a black and purple combination.
    2. We like Kanani’s long, dark hair!
    3. We like this outfit for its versatility.

    Thank you! ♥

    • Mama Lisa says:

      Love Kanani because of her LONG hair.
      Love your PJs because of the great color combo.
      Is the top actualy made from purchased fabric or from
      another resource? I love it!

  3. Jessica says:

    I think shades of aqua and purple would be cute! Good summer colors!

  4. Valerie says:

    3. Why do you like this outfit?

    I like it because though stylistically it’s simple, it’s very versatile– the pants can be used as capri leggings, and the top can be worn as is, or over another tee, with jeans or similar.

  5. Amber says:

    Two good color combinations would be pink/lime green and purple/black.

  6. Linda says:

    Like the pj’s because they are very stylish and simple to make.

  7. Skylar says:

    I would love to see them in a baby blue with flowers!!

  8. Marisa says:

    Question 3. I like this outfit because it looks a loooot better that american girls does Plus it is very versitile the top can go with manny things also the leggings can work with a loot of other outfits

  9. Daphne says:

    I love this pattern because it is SUPER easy to make, and can also be a cute and trendy daytime outfit. LOVE IT!!!

  10. Katrina says:

    Q1. I think blue and green would look great together.

  11. Debbie W. says:

    Purple with either white, silver or black, and coordinating leggings. I love Kanani because of her beautiful hair! This outfit looks like an outfit I would wear in the summer, and looks easy to sew!

  12. Jeanne says:

    I think purple and black with hints of green would make a very nice sets of pj’s for any doll. : )

  13. Kim says:

    1. Would love to see purple and silver.
    2. I love Kanani’s sun-kissed glow!
    3. It reminds me of summer, which I can’t wait for!

  14. – Like Kanani because she has beautiful and long hair. She has AWESOME style and she is most of all VERY friendly to others.
    -good color combinations would be: white and ALL the rainbow colors. pink and purple. pink and green. green and purple. sky blue and dark blue.
    -I like this outfit because it has a VERY adorable color combination and our american girl dolls can also wear it as casual clothes and no one would no they are actually pj’s and they ARE VERY VERY stylish and would look great on ANYONES american girl doll!

  15. – I think that orange & light blue would be great, awesome for Spring Break & the wonderful Summer to come! 😀
    – I LOVE Kanani, because although people are distracted by her beauty, her stories have a deep meaning. It talks about controversies in life, which can help you deal with lots of things. She also represents multi-culural things, since she is a mix of Hawaiian & German and she has learned to accept herself the way shes is! <3
    – I love this outfit because although it makes ADORABLE pajamas, you can also pair the two items with other things, like say add a denim mini skirt in there. Then it creates a whole different picture! 😀 Plus, they are very stylish, and LIBERTY JANE! 😀

  16. Melanie says:

    1. I love the pajamas in teal (maybe teal and a mix of other tropical-looking colors). Bright orange and orange-red would be lovely too.

    2. I love Kanani because she is so cute and I love her long, wavy hair, and she has an adorable wardrobe. 😉

    3. I like the outfit because it looks cool and comfy and the color scheme is super cute!!

  17. Calista says:

    I love Kanani because she is so unique, I love her hair. It’s so long and you can do anything with it! In addition, she is so beautiful and amazing. Kanani is one of my favorite dolls ever!(:

  18. Debbie Likins-Fowler says:

    I love Kanani because she has the Jess face sculpt and long, honey-brown hair! And, I figure that any color combination that Cinnamon puts together is gonna look great! The pjs outfit is very clever, and means that the pattern has multiple uses!

  19. Laura H. says:

    What color combinations might look good? Hmm, I would say black leggings paired with a royal purple top. I love how black and royal purple look together. 🙂

  20. mindy turley says:

    1. White, pink and orange
    2. Her long hair is just gorgeous and really sets her apart from the other dolls
    3. The pieces of the outfit could be used for more than pjs…it is too cute to be just pjs

  21. Stephanie G says:

    I like this outfit because it’s adorable and useful!

  22. karina says:

    II love this outfit because the splash of colors look totally cool together.

  23. Rachel Noel says:

    Q. What color combos would look good?
    A. Jade Green, Light Blue, and Mustard Yellow!
    Q. Why do you like Kanani?
    A. I like Kanani’s story, I like her facial make-up, and features, especially her long hair! O)verall she is just a wonderful doll!(Plus, I’m planning to get her at the A.G. Place N.Y. in May;)
    Q. Why do you like this outfit?
    A. I like it because if I lose, i can make it myself! Just within the outfit itself though, I like it because I wouldn’t have to buy or make it!

  24. Denise gause says:

    I like this outfit because the color splash is awesome… That tealish blue is my favorite color. I love that you can just take one thing and a couple of changes and you have something totally new. The leggings look so good with the top and I LOVE the top!!!!

  25. Emily says:

    I love this outfit because it is easy to make, and its so cute. and only being 13 its so easy to make!!!

  26. Emmalee says:

    1. I think chartreuse would look good with vermilion, if you wanted something bright and catchy, but it’d also be great with black or white or a shade of blue.

  27. Izzy Gedris says:

    1. What color combinations would look good?
    green and purple. my two favorite colors 🙂

    2. Why do you like Kanani?
    I love her long wavy hair

    3. Why you like this outfit?
    i love the splatter painted fabric

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this outfit

  28. AGvolleyballgirl says:

    1. I think that a light lime green, and an aqua blue would look great together! Maybe you could even add in a shade of coral or white. 🙂 All in all, these colours really remind me of a tropical island, and I’m sure they would look great on any tropical themed design. 😉

  29. Sami says:

    1. What color combinations would look good?
    Blue and Brown or Brown and Pink
    2. Why do you like Kanani?
    Haha Hard Question(Dont have her yet)Well i love her hair and her hawaiian theme and her skin tone its beautiful.
    3. Why you like this outfit?
    Its a wonderful idea and im not talented enough and it looks easy(Hopefully havent tried it yet)
    Who ever wins is lucky and good luck Dolls!

  30. Annette and Nadine Boos says:

    We think that lime green and bright pink combo would be super cute for this, using the lime green for the leggings.

    “We” are a 37 and 6 year old, mother and daughter. We LOVE this outfit because if I could alter it to both of our sizes, I would make it for ALL of us!! Mother, daughter, and doll. Sooo cute!

  31. Lynn says:

    Color combos love- blue and rose pink.
    Love Kanani because facial features are soft and delicate.
    Her tawny long hair is beautiful. She can wear any color with her skin color.
    I adore the PJ outfit! It can be worn as pj’s, around her home and out and about.

  32. Vicki says:

    1. Lime green and turquoise!
    2. Love her long hair and beautiful skin.
    3. The pjs are something my granddaughter would love!!!

  33. Jen says:

    I love hot pink and purple together. Kanani is such a beautiful doll. I love her wavy hair. My youngest daughters are already begging for her 🙂

  34. Janeen says:

    Beachy Colors like Turquoise and Tan would look awesome, maybe with a flash of lime green
    We Love Kanani, she has the most adorable face, and her hair is beautiful.
    Are these PJ’s? well if so, how comfy . . but they would also be great for lounging around, too!!

  35. Jennifer says:

    I like this outfit because the colors are my favorites! Such a CUTE outfit to sleep/lounge in! I like gray and pink together and black with anything! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  36. Melinda says:

    I love this outfit because I think it could “pass” as regular clothes… not just jammies. I think my daughter’s AG doll would love them… not to mention my daughter!

  37. I love Kanani because of her beautiful hair. She also has a very sweet expression.

  38. Rebecca Milnes says:

    The pajamas would look great in the tropical colors. It would look great on Kanani and represent her story well.

  39. teiana says:

    the pjs would look great in the neon colors.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Lime green and purple would make a great color combination.

  41. Kali says:

    1. I think that pink, silver, and black would look stunning!

    2. I like Kanani because of her amazing style, long hair, and amazing, unique personality. She is always willing to help!

    3. I like this outfit because it not only could be used as stylish PJ’s, but a cute trendy top and funky pair of leggings! It is also a very modern design, that could easily mirror any dolls funky style.

  42. Debbie says:

    I love the pajamas – I’ll have to make some with my daughter. 🙂

    I think they’d look cute in turquoise and coral – very summery and warm.

  43. Guin & Mallory says:

    3) Mallory loves these pajamas because of the color combination – black and white with aqua. And these are PJs she can see herself wearing 🙂

    Thanks for offering this contest!

  44. Susana F says:

    1. What color combinations would look good?
    Black, coral and white.

    2. Why do you like Kanani?
    She has beautiful eyes and hair, and can wear any color with her skin color.

    3. Why you like this outfit?
    It seems to be easy to sew and it is a nice pj for spring and summer.

  45. Ange says:

    Colour combinations I would like are: light blue and orange; or purple and green; or red and pink

  46. Sydni says:

    I love Kanani’s super long hair!! I think aqua and lime green would look great together! Thanks!

  47. 1. Pink, Mint Green, and White (reminds me of a little girl print for watermelon)
    2. She is one of the cutest girls yet. Her hair is long and dark. She has a beautiful skin tone to match just about any color combination.
    3. My daughter would love to get this as a gift from her father and I. She loves to play with her dolls and I make her outfits all the time. This would be a real treat to get one made by a professional. 🙂

  48. Samantha says:

    I simply love Kanani because she is so unique and different from the other American Girls. I love how her hair is a long, tannish color and how it curls a little at the end. Her skin tone is really beautiful and she is just plain adorable!

  49. Alexis says:

    I think the colors black and pink would go nice together or green and pink(great for spring time!)
    I like Kanani because she is so original. The face mold with the medium skin is just great!
    Im in LOVE with this outfit because it isnt too girly. Its very edgy,cute and original! Great job Liberty Jane!

  50. Amy says:

    Colors that go nice together would be maybe yellow and pink which are good choices for the summertime! or better yet, yellow, pink and ORANGE!! Those colors are sure to welcome in the summertime!
    Kanani is very beautiful! I love the twist AG put on the jess mold with the medium skin! It was unexpected!
    I really like this outfit because it reminds me of summer nights in like a city! Its adorable!

  51. Catherine says:

    I love this outfit because it is comfy and perfect for spring and summer! I would love pajamas like this in my size! LOL 😀 I’d be thrilled to see this outfit in a turquoise and lime green combo.

  52. Lily says:

    I like Kanani because she is just so versatile! Her story is fabulous and she is just sooo cute! ♥

  53. Cynthia S says:

    I think your colors are wonderful in this outfit, using pink instead of the teal would look great too! I love Kanani for her beautiful look and for the way she wants to help her cousin. I love this outfit for the trendy style and it would be an easy pattern for my daughter just learning to sew. The top would be great if made longer too.

  54. emmaleigh! says:

    I love this because it is made by my favourite clothing designer EVER! she is like the vera wang for 18 inch dolls! i would do ANYTHING to get something from LJC!

  55. Kirren says:

    1. What color combinations would look good?
    Purple and teal would look wonderful!

    2. Why do you like Kanani?
    She is so pretty!

    3. Why you like this outfit?
    It is fun and creative!

  56. Melanie says:

    I like lime green and pink together or maybe a light pink cupcake shade with brown and aqua. Kanani is beautiful – I like the Jess face mold, her long wavy hair and her tanned skin! This outfit is fun because it’s modern and summery – perfect for Kanani or any other AG doll.

  57. Linda says:

    This top would be darling in a tiedye using the typical colors of island flowers such as coral, pink, red and tagerine. And wouldn’t it be cute to add a lei made with the crocheted flowers in similar colors! These are also the colors of the marvlous sunsets so often seen on the islands. Shades of aqua and very light tan representing the ocean and sandy beaches would also be great.

    A longer version of the top would make a comfy nightgown or beach coverup or how about slightly shorter, belted top and short, very short, bottom for a two piece bathing suit.

  58. Abby Ccga says:

    Color combinations could be orange, red and yellow for a tropical sunset. I don’t like Kanani, I LOVE Kanani because she is beautiful and has gorgeoous eyes and beautiful flowing, brown hair. I like this outfit because it is absolutely adorable and very creatively designed.It makes every doll look cute in them!!!

  59. Susan says:

    1. What color combinations would look good?
    I would love to see any tropical colors with patterns of flowers, leaves, sea shells, fish (especially koi).
    Using old Hawaiian shirts for fabric would look great or maybe some asian fabrics.

    2. Why do you like Kanani?
    She’s just beautiful. What’s not to love. She may be my first AG doll if my daughter doesn’t get her first.

    3. Why you like this outfit?
    She looks like she’s having fun wearing it. It would make a great casual beach outfit. Maybe a bathing suit underneath. Just add a towel and beach bag.

  60. Malen says:

    1. We would like a pink and white combination for this outfit.
    2. We like Kanani because of her gorgeous hair and brown skin. She looks warm and down-to-earth, my daughter and I just fell in love with her. We just ordered her, too bad we have to wait 9 days for her to arrive.
    3. We like this outfit because it looks comfortable and modern on the AG doll.

  61. enee miller says:

    ZZZZZZ sleeping in these beautiful PJ’s would be so fun for my dolls.. thanks for the information and the Video

  62. Fun PJ’s with great color combo! Thanks for the video.

  63. Denise says:

    1. I’d like to see a small hibiscus pattern on top, with purple pants.
    2. Kanani looks so earthy!
    3. It could be used in so many ways, depending on the patterns and accents used! 🙂

    Thanks for the video!

  64. Katie says:

    1. I think that pink, white, and black would look good, but in a flower pattern with pink as the center of the flower, black as the rest of the flower, and white as the background.
    2. Kanani is a really pretty doll. My sister has her and i just adore her. In the story she seems like a great girl,someone I’d like to be friends with in real life.
    3. The shirt and leggings seem really mix-and-matchable. The color combo is great, and they are just overall so cute. I’d love to see my doll wear them.

  65. mimi says:

    1. I think that purple and black would look good.
    2.She’s very pretty and is a good role model to lots of girls. And she is from a place that i can only dream of going to so it’s fun to imagine being her.
    3.i like this outfit because it’s a very easy outfit to mix and mach things with. and whats better that having an extra pair of pajamas in your wardrobe? And the outfit is overall soooooooo cute

  66. Rebecca says:

    1. I think pink, white, and blue would match, or lime green and hot pink, and white would all match!
    2. Kanani is beautiful, has a strong mind, brave and kind
    3. The outfit is so cute! I saw the outfit, but different pattern, at American Girl! Fab Job.

  67. Rachely says:

    1. I Think That I Would Like The Colors Blue Yellow GreenSpring Colors Or Black And Purple.
    2. She is A Big Inspiration And Shes So Beautful And I Love Her Hair.
    3. Because I Think Its A Fun Outfit And It Looks Just Like Kananis Pjs And Because You Used Other Patterns To Make This

  68. Kristen says:

    1.Purple and green.Pink and green.Brown and Purple. 🙂
    2.Because Her long brown hair is beautiful and her eyes are differnt then most dolls because they are hazel/slanted.
    3.Because it’s very good for the summer and looks well on any doll.

  69. madison says:

    so cute! is there a pattern for it? AdORABLE!

  70. Jessica says:

    This is such a great idea! My little sister has Kanani but no outfits for her since she is retired and hard to find. I am going to make this for her as a present. She will be so excited!

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