How to sew the Get The Look Pattern

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Here’s a tutorial video by Kittzykk showing how to sew the Get the Look Pattern.

Got tips and tricks with this pattern? Post them below.


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  1. Marlene says:

    To make the bodice without a pucker. Iron two pieces of bodice. New needle in sewing machine. Set Stitch Length to 2.0 because you are sewing a curve. After 1/4 inch seam. Clip once at the center carefully. Turn to the Right Side. Using a pointed utensil(this can be crochet hook, knitting needle, butter knife, nail wood cuticle pusher. Going slowly and pressing as you go. Gently push the seam outward. Perfect curve!

  2. madison says:

    i am going to try to buy soon!!

  3. Debbie Dean says:

    You have done a very good job on your video. When teaching other young sewists how to make clothing, don’t leave out the most important part which is ironing. When spending the time and the money to sew, you want the best look possible – and that is achieved through always ironing your seams.

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