Reversible It’s a Wrap Dress Modification

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We received this great tutorial form Rebekah showing how to make the It’s A Wrap Dress reversible. Once you learn this fun technique you’ll be able to use it to make other types of reversible doll clothes items. Please note though that this type of technique uses woven fabric, so if the pattern calls for stretchy fabric adjustments may need to be made to the original pattern.

Both sides of the completed "It's a wrap" dress.


Let’s get started!

Making a reversible garment – bonding fabric before assembly.

It is quick and easy. Don’t panic when you see all the pictures, I took more than one photo of some steps to provide additional detail.

Turquoise fabric is a $5.00 flat sheet from Wal-Mart. Pattern fabric is called kaleidoscope dots leaf from the Amy Butler Daisy Chain collection.


A. Layout pieces



Lay out pattern pieces on fabric, allowing 1/2" edge to each pattern piece to determine the amount of fabric needed.

Lay out the pieces on the second fabric to determine the amount needed.


B. Right side down prepped for bonding


The first piece of fabric should be cut slightly larger than the second piece. Layout the bonding paper. I used Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive (make sure the package indicates it can be sewn).

***Right side of fabric is face down*** Iron any wrinkles from the fabric before proceeding.


C. Iron – Start at one corner edge


Starting in one corner, move slowly forward. Continue smoothing from one side to the other.


Move slowly from one side to the other until reaching corner Continue to the opposite edge that you started from.

D. Peel backing off layer one.


Give the bonding paper a moment to cool. Slowly peel it back from one edge. The appearance should be glossy.

E. Layout 2nd fabric right side facing you.

***Right side of fabric is face up***  Iron any wrinkles from the fabric before proceeding. Follow same process as before, starting in one corner and moving to the other.

The second piece of fabric is cut slightly larger than the bonding paper.

F. Fabric – Post bonding with iron.

Once the fabric has been bonded, it moves as one piece.
This saves time by only having to cut out one set for the pattern and reduces pinning needed.


The fabric will feel stiff- you can wash and dry the garment post sewing to reduce this.


G. Cut out the pattern pieces.

The original pattern is modified with hemmed edges so you will need to add 1/2″ to the pattern along the edges when cutting it out.

Back of dress is cut on the fold. Add 1/2" to the guide if you intend to hem.

The back of dress cut out slightly larger than the original piece.

Single front pieces cut out - see notes on the photo.


Hem the edges that are not going to have the bias tape applied.


H. Join hemmed shoulder seams together.


close up of the joining stitch

I. Follow the pattern instructions to add the bias tape to the arm openings.


J. Then join the side seams, same as the shoulders.


I started at the bottom hem and moved toward the hole for the arm. Joining creates a flat surface vs a bulky seam on the reverse side.


There are marks that show where NOT to sew. Transfer the marks so you remember to leave the space for the wrap tie.

Both sides of the completed "It's a wrap" dress.

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