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Pattern Overview: To celebrate 10,000 Facebook fans we have a new free pattern! A Free swimsuit pattern for your American Girl ® Doll, Karito Kids ® doll, and BFC Ink ® doll! This is a fun and easy pattern designed to be used with fold over elastic, that means no hemming! Your AG Doll will be ready for any hot weather activity in this simple yet stylish swimsuit. This pattern would also make a cute ballet or gymnastics leotard perfect for Mckenna Brooks, scroll to the bottom of the page to see an example of the leotard paired with the mini shorts from the LJC Rash Guard pattern. This doll clothes pattern is designed for 18 inch American Girl dolls, BFC Ink Dolls and 21 inch Karito Kids dolls and includes all 3 sizes. If you have questions about sizing for a different 18 inch doll be sure to check our doll measurements page.

Free Doll Clothes Pattern – Swimsuit

Download Now Via Pixie Faire

About Pixie Faire: The team at Liberty Jane Clothing created Pixie Faire in 2013 as a marketplace for pattern publishers. It’s a safe, secure, and easy to use site. It allows you to download your patterns quickly and easily as well as keep a record of your prior downloads. It also gives you buying benefits such as pixie perks – a generous loyalty program.

Pattern Guidebook Details: This is a beautifully illustrated doll clothes pattern guidebook that you digitally download as a pdf file so you can start sewing your new 18 inch doll swimsuit or leotard immediately. The Adobe pdf viewer is required. You simply print out the pdf and you’re ready to start. The Guidebook provides the pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating a bathing suit, like the ones pictured, for your American Girl, BFC Ink, or Karito Kids Doll. This pattern describes the use of ‘fold-over-elastic, a relatively new product, which you can find on Etsy. Links are included below. *Before printing your new guidebook, ensure the ‘page scaling’ is set to ‘none’ in the print dialogue box. If it is set to ‘shrink to fit’ the pattern will not be properly sized.
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Here’s a link to the Fold Over Elastic (FOE) category on etsy. There are a lot of different sellers that sell this product there. I bought from this seller specifically: She has a sample pack of 10 random colors, which is good for multiple projects.

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What You Get …
Pictures – Beautiful example pictures of the swimsuit on each type of doll.
Step-by-Step Instructions –These easy to follow instructions walk you through each step in completing your American Girl Doll’s new swimsuit or leotard.
The Pattern – All 3 sizes in one pattern! This is a fun and easy pattern. You can use a lot of different color combination’s and spandex fabrics to create a variety of looks!

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You Can Do It!

At the American Girl Doll Store you’d pay around $35 for a new outfit for your doll. But you can make these clothes for less than the cost of a Starbucks Grande White Chocolate Mocha. Making this outfit yourself is an extreme value! Go for it. – – – – – – – – –

Watch this fun tutorial of Cinnamon and Libby making a swimsuit together

Is It Time To Teach Your Daughter To Sew?
Maybe this is the perfect project!
Your daughter wants new doll clothes, why not use that excitement to teach her a valuable skill – sewing. It’s a skill she’ll use her entire life. The bonding and special one-on-one teaching time with your daughter will be invaluable. This is the perfect project to make it a reality. She’ll be excited to learn, and thank you for showing her something new.
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Liberty Jane is not affiliated with American Girl®
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52 responses to “Free Swimsuit Pattern for Dolls”

  1. mimi says:

    YES!!! I’ve been wanting a bathing-suit pattern forever!!! Thanks so much!!! I have to download this but what is the fabric?

    • Cinnamon says:

      HI Mimi, You’re welcome 🙂 You can use any two way stretch fabric, like lycra or cotton spandex. There are a lot of options in the dance and swim section at the fabric store. The biggest challenge will be the scale of the print. I used a store bought bathing suit that I found on clearance to make the one pictured on the cover. Now’s the perfect time to find lots of great deals because stores are clearancing them out now to get ready for the fall! There is a link at the top of the page to etsy’s fold over elastic category too.


      • suejanes123 says:

        how do i get this pattern i have already signed up for the mailing list but nothing has come to my inbox
        anything will help thankyou

        • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

          To get this free pattern, you just click “add to cart” and continue to checkout then enter your email address and you’ll be given the download link for the file.

    • Marge says:

      Check out the Dollar Store. They have swimsuits for babies that you could use for the suit. I did, worked fine.The pattern is adorable. Thanks for the free pattern!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Cooooo…l! Why does yo call fo 3/4″ elastic when most of it is 5/8″ out thar? Ow halfta buy 10 yards of the stuff. get off.

  3. Jason says:

    Hi Tiffany, You can use any width of FOE, I stated in the pattern that I was using some that measured 3/4″ for this project. The difference between that and 5/8″ is so minimal, you can use either size or something bigger or smaller depending on the look you are going for. I bought a bundle of 10 pieces, random colors in 1 yard pieces, for just about $3.00. That’s a great way to get a lot of variety, just wait to get your fabric until after you receive the elastic to match the colors.


  4. Morgan says:

    I can’t believe this is free! I’ve been looking for a bathing suite pattern for a long time. I’m going to order some FOE with in the next day or two from Etsy. Here’s a good place to buy it that’s very cheap:
    Thanks Liberty Jane!

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  6. mary says:

    please I want the swimsuit pattern
    I am in Venezuela
    I find it hard to get patterns

  7. Caitlyn says:

    I would like a refund. The pattern doesn’t work!
    Send something to my email!

  8. mimi says:

    thanks I saw some bathing suits that I could use, I actually have some! I’ll have to watch the video to clear up on some things though.

  9. mimi says:

    the top is alot like the sphaghetti strap tank!

  10. Michele says:

    Hi Cinnamon,

    Thank you for the free swimsuit pattern. I can’t wait to make it for my granddaughter’s doll. I’m ordering the fold over elastic today! I will be back to purchase more patterns from you. The Hawaiian Muu Muu was a real hit!


  11. I made the swimsuit for my BFC Kaitlin.! Thanks, Liberty Jane! I adapted the pattern a bit with some skinny velcro in the back and cut the chest piece pretty straight as in the pattern for AG. Kaitlin looks so happy in it and cool near the pool!

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  14. EMi says:


    Questions, is this possiable to hand-sew?

    Thanks, EMC

  15. Cinnamon says:

    You could probably hand sew it, but I’ve nver tried it, so I’m not really sure…

  16. Cornelia Beach says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the swimsuit pattern. I hope I will be able to buy something from you soon. Could you please tell me where I can get the fold over elastic, I have never heard of it. Thanks again and you all have some very pretty clothes and pattern. Nelia2

    • Cinnamon says:

      HI Cornelia, There are links to fold over elastic up at the top of the post, just click the red letters. It will take you to etsy, hwere there are a lot of sellers that sell this product. 🙂

  17. Trish says:

    Just finished not ONE BUT TWO swimsuits for my girls’ BFC dolls. These are fantastic!!!! One suit took about 1 hour from cutting to finished product. It looks amazing and I love love love this fold-over elastic. I had never heard of it before. It makes sewing a stretchy suit soooo much easier. Thanks for this very cool, very easy, and FREEEE pattern!!! And my daughter will thank you too when she gets her suits tomorrow!

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  22. Samantha says:

    Hi I love your website it is organized amazingly. These patterns are great of quality. I downloaded the drawstring dress pattern and since it comes out to be VERY wide do you have to sew stretch stitch?

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  24. suejanes123 says:

    i cant seem to figure out how to download any of the free patterns i have already signed up for the mailing list any help?

  25. […] Generation Doll measures an inch broader around the torso than an American Girl Doll, the awesome free swimsuit from pattern from Liberty Jane would have to be modified. In this case, I just fit the swimsuit on the doll and cut away extra fabric, then resewed binding […]

  26. Taylor says:

    i cant figure out how to download the pattern for free

    • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

      Hi Taylor, Just click “add to cart” then click “continue to checkout” then just enter your email address and hit submit and you will be given the download link for the pattern file. It’s free, you will not be charged. 🙂

  27. hmm really nice post, i like it and also would like to share on fb

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  29. Carol says:

    Can the patterns be mail if you can not download to printer ?

  30. Ruth says:

    I just made this swimsuit! It came out great! I made it for the little girl next door. She was thrilled.

    I love your website.

    Her birthday is in July so I have made several outfits for her.

    Thanks so much.

  31. Daniella says:

    I’m new to Liberty Jane, so this is my first outfit. But…my mom is too cheap to buy me a sewing machine to make this outfit. Do I need one or can I hand sew it? 🙂 Please Reply!

    **********I LUV LIBERTY JANE! 🙂 **********

    • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

      HI Daniella, For the swimsuit I think a sewing machine is best, but oyur could try to sew the drawstring dress or t-shirt by hand. Both of those patterns are free as well. Just take your time and sew nice small stitches, and be sure to secure the ends with a knot 🙂

  32. Julie says:

    Made it and love it! I was a little confused as to whether seam allowances had been included already so I cut all the pieces too big and adjusted as we went. But it came out great!! Blogged it here:

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  37. Becky says:

    I tried checking out the free AG swimsuit pattern, but an error said that my IP address was blocked. I had just downloaded several free patterns without any problems. Is there a limit to the number of free patterns we can download at a time?

    • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

      HI Becky, Sorry about that… there must be a limit 🙂 I can just email it to you Enjoy!

      • Becky says:

        Thanks for emailing the pattern. If the free patterns work well, I’d be sure to come back and buy more. I have my eye on several!

  38. Lea says:

    I made this for my daughter’s “Our Generation” doll the other day. I used a dollar store bathing suit, and the FOE (which was **NOT** cheap here).

    It was SO easy to follow the directions, and the suit fits so nicely, and looks great, even through my beginner mistakes with it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, and even more for having it Free 😀

  39. Sherri says:

    This was such a cute pattern that I couldn’t wait to try it. I went to the second hand stores and checked out the large section for bathing suits which looked like new and had a cute pattern. For $3 and $4 I was able to pick up some really cute patterns/material for the suit. I then made 5 suits out of all the different material. After making the first suit it was easier to make the next ones. My neices all loved their aunt because all their American dolls recieved a new swimsuit this summer! Thank you Liberty Jane!!

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  41. reese says:

    I was trying to buy the free pattern, and it said i couldn’t because of my ip address. I’ve bought free patterns from you before, but this is the only one i cant get. can you help me?

  42. Teresa says:

    Every time I try to get the free pattern it says to enter a valid email address. I entered the same address I’ve had for almost 20 years. Lol it’s very valid I don’t know what to do, please help. Thank you

  43. Bev says:

    You know girls,
    If you have a old bathing suit you no longer
    want or like. Use it. Saves a ton of money that way
    and you can use that money to buy the folder over elastic,

    At Joann’s.
    Bev in Ohio

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  45. Channing says:

    Thank you so much for these free patterns! I’m going to be sewing a few outfits for a friend’s daughter who loves AG and I’m so excited! Such a blessing, thank you!

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  47. Tracy Banks says:

    I downloaded your free bathing suit PDF and I can’t find the measurements for the fold over elastic pieces that form the straps and the leg holes. It says the chart below shows the measurements for different kinds of dolls, but there is no chart. I’ve viewed it on multiple devices, and there is no chart or mention of the measurements.

  48. Linda says:


    I thought it was just me! They don’t seem to be on the pattern. I am waiting for an answer from Liberty Jane. Does anyone out there have the measurements for how long to cut the FOE pieces?

  49. Rae says:

    Tracy and Linda I’m right there with you. I’d really like to know how long to cut those FOE pieces….

  50. I have read many other blogs about this but yours seemed to sum it up perfectly. Thanks for posting this.

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  53. You are so cool! I don’t think I’ve read anything like this before.
    So nice to find someone with a few genuine thoughts on this subject matter.

    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the internet, someone with some originality!

  54. Hi I am so excited I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching
    on Bing for something else, Anyhow I am here now
    and would just like to say thanks for a incredible post and a all round interesting blog (I also love
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    the minute but I have book-marked it and also included
    your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more,
    Please do keep up the excellent work.

  55. Stephanie Gray says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for this free pattern! My daughter just got an American Girl doll for Christmas and has been asking for a bathing suit. The pattern, instructions and You Tube video are all amazing and helpful. You are AWESOME to make this free! I also loved reading your story and I’m even happier to support you <3. Blessings! Oh! Do you have a spot on your site where people post pictures of the things that they make with your patterns? I'd love to share! 🙂

  56. Julia says:

    Love this pattern! My granddaughter has two dolls, so each can have a different costume! Hmm…beach bags and towels will be needed as well!

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