The Urban Backpack for AG Dolls

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Pattern Overview: A backpack pattern for your American Girl Doll! This cute Urban Backpack is perfect for “Back-to-School” or a fun summer getaway. Designer Diane Hunter of Sew Urban Designs has provided us with this fully functional backpack pattern. The backpack opens at the top, is fully lined, and has a working front pocket. By using different fabrics and embellishments you can create a variety of backpacks to go with any style outfit! This pattern can also work with Karito Kids Dolls and BFC, Ink. Dolls.

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A Note About File Sharing: Just like you buy a song from itunes for your personal use, you are buying 1 copy of this guidebook for your personal use. You do not have our permission to share it, resell it, or give it to someone else in any form. Selling this pdf file, or it’s contents, or giving it to someone else, is wrong and violates our copyright. If you’d like to reproduce this pattern for educational purposes, please contact us. We are happy to support educational efforts! Copyright 2010, all rights reserved.

4 responses to “The Urban Backpack for AG Dolls”

  1. Alex says:


  2. Taylor says:


  3. Kelsie says:

    I love it! I will so try it! No joke! It’s so cute! sorry I rambling! bye!

  4. Madelineluvsyew says:

    I will use this for the orange back pack that Katniss has in the arena for my Katniss doll.She will greatly apreciate it.Thanks Cinnamon!Love love love love love love love love…………..LOVE.
    P.S:My Katniss doll will thank you later.

  5. […] are one of the patterns and if all goes well, I’ll show you the other two next week. The Urban Backpack for AG Dolls is $3.99 and is listed as a medium skill level […]

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