Holiday Sweater Knitting Pattern

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4 responses to “Holiday Sweater Knitting Pattern”

  1. michelle sloan says:

    Love love love this one. I love knitting

  2. Joanne daly says:

    I’m interested in the American Girl holiday knit snowflake sweater. Does the sweater go on over the Dolly’s head or does it snap or button up the back?
    I have a rather old fair isle sweater pattern for American Girl that goes on over the head and love the look. It is made of knitting worsted and knits up rather quickly. You begin with the sleeves and body and join together at the yoke with the fair isle pattern. Hope this pattern is similar.

  3. Kery says:

    Hi Joanne,

    Keryn from Stacy and Stella here. Yes this pattern is similar, you knit the body then each sleeve in turn, the round yoke joins it all together. There’s no fastening at the back and because of the construction very little sewing together. This pattern is a sport/DK weight so a little finer but still quite quick to knit.

    Hope that helps,

  4. Shirley Hinesley says:

    I wonder if it is possible to get only the knitting patterns for 18″ dolls ? I do not sew but I knit alot and i love your patterns and have bought many in the past. Is it possible to be put on your knitting list only? Thanks Shirley

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