Shibuya Jacket Pattern for AG

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The Shibuya Jacket  Pattern

Featured in the Tokyo Libby Collection

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Pattern Overview: The Shibuya Jacket Doll Clothes Pattern is now available for your American Girl® Doll. This jacket was featured in the Liberty Jane 2011 Fall Line Tokyo Libby outfit. Don‘t forget, when you buy this cute pattern, you get the Shiny Happy Dress instructions as our free gift!

Pattern Guidebook Details: This is a beautifully illustrated pattern guidebook that you digitally download as a pdf file so you can start sewing your new 18 inch doll jacket immediately. The Adobe pdf viewer is required. You simply print out the pdf and you’re ready to start. The PDF guidebook provides the full size pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating a harajuku style fashion for your American Girl® Doll. *Before printing, ensure the ‘page scaling’ is set to ‘none’ in the print dialogue box. If it is set to ‘shrink to fit’ the pattern will not be properly sized.

 Step-by-Step Instructions – These full color easy to follow instructions walk you through each step in completing your dolls new jacket. There is also a Summary of Instructions page if you prefer not to print the entire 24 page book (15 pages of instructions).

Supplies needed – 1/2 yard of each jacket and lining fabric. Optional trim, if not making ruffles from the fabric. Thread and small buttons.

The Pattern – The full size pattern pieces are included. No enlarging or resizing necessary. This is an intermediate level sewing pattern because of the amount of pieces and steps involved. You must also be familiar with gathering and sewing a button hole.

Are the instructions simple even if I’m not a good seamstress? Yes!

Can I start immediately if I have a sewing machine and material?Yes!

Will the finished product come out like the pictures if I follow the directions? Yes!

Will you give me a refund if I’m not happy with the pattern? Yes!

Will making this help me become a better seamstress if I’m just starting out? Yes!

I’ve seen Simplicity patterns and they seem really hard, is this easier than those? Yes!

Every pattern we sell is a blessing to those in need… You can read more about how we give back here.




Is It Time To Teach Your Daughter To Sew?


Maybe this is the perfect project!


Your daughter wants new doll clothes, why not use that excitement to teach her a valuable skill – Sewing. It’s a skill she’ll use her entire life. The bonding and special one-on-one teaching time with your daughter will be invaluable. This is the perfect project to make it a reality. She’ll be excited to learn, and thank you for showing her something new.



You Can Do It!
At the American Girl® Doll Store you’d pay around $35 for a new outfit for your doll. But you can make these clothes for less than the cost of a Starbucks Grande White Chocolate Mocha. Making this outfit yourself is an extreme value! Go for it.


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A Note To Aspiring Doll Clothes Makers: Want to become a partner? This pattern is intended for your personal use and enjoyment with your American Girl Doll, and not for commercial purposes. However, if you’d like permission to use our patterns for work-from-home sewing and selling, send us a request stating, “I’d like to become a partner”. Send it to We would be thrilled to partner with you. © 2008-2012 Liberty Jane Clothing, All Rights Reserved.


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A Note About File Sharing: Just like you buy a song from itunes for your personal use, you are buying 1 copy of this guidebook for your personal use. You do not have our permission to share it, resell it, or give it to someone else in any form. Selling this pdf file, or it’s contents, or giving it to someone else, is wrong and violates our copyright. © 2008-2012 Liberty Jane Clothing, all rights reserved.

Liberty Jane and the designers featured are not affiliated with American Girl ® 

42 responses to “Shibuya Jacket Pattern for AG”

  1. Liese says:

    Wow! Congratulations on a unique and gorgeous pattern… your work is amazing!

  2. Miranda says:

    OHMYGOSH YAY!!! I have always LOVED this jacket!!! I can’t WAIT to buy it!!! 😀 D 😀


  3. Eden Ava Couture says:

    Beautiful Cinnamon!!!!!

  4. Jenny says:

    Simply stunning — I can’t wait to make it! May be a bit of a challenge for me, but I love a challenge 😀

  5. Trish says:

    What fun! An intermediate pattern. Wonder where Cinnamon has been hibernating since intermediate patterns are what is wanted here.

  6. Tracy says:

    Want pants with waistband and belt loops with no elastic.

  7. Marcy says:

    Well it is about time LJC. You got more advanced outfits you can publish patterns from. Please get to it.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Wow. That hurts. I spent most of the summer figuring out this jacket concept. Then over 30 hours experimenting to make the first one. Then about 3 weeks putting the pattern guidebook together, with the help of Karin, who also spent an enormous amount of time on this project, and this is your comment?

      I realize publishing these guidebooks looks pretty simple. But they aren’t. They are incredibly complex to get right. And if you want to encourage me to do more, then mocking me in public is not the best choice.

      I’m not trying to be unkind, but you need to realize I’m a real person, and you’re criticizing something I just spent an enormous amount of my life working on.

      When I spend time responding to unkind & emotionally draining comments like this, it takes time away from productive activities, like pattern creation.

      I hope this reply helps you understand a bit about me, my work, and how your play a part.

      All the best,


  8. Minnie says:

    Agree, Cinnamon has been relying on her other designers to fill the the pattern pages. This is her business and expect more from her.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Hi Minnie,

      The other designers are not ‘mine’. They are working hard to build their own brands, and publish quality patterns. I’m honored to work with them.

      I appreciate your high expectations for me. But nobody has higher expectations for me than – me. We are trying to publish more patterns, and get faster at doing it. I hope you can appreciate the challenges associated with publishing a quality pattern.

      All the best,


  9. Sara says:

    All above are true. Guess LJC wants to waste time on youtube events and overpriced beginning sewing lessons.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Hi Sara,

      As it happens, this week is our 4 year anniversary on Youtube. Our design contests are some of the mostly responded-to-videos of ALL TIME on Youtube, bigger than any other company’s contests. We’re proud of that, and don’t appreciate it being called a waste of time. Through our contests we are teaching girls to design clothes, and think about fashion as creators, not just consumers. We are changing the way girls interact with Youtube content. Wasting time? Nah, not in our opinion.

      “Overpriced beginning sewing lessons”, I assume you’re referring to the Design Academy. It’s not actually sewing lessons. It’s a 1 month course, which teaches professional doll clothes design. The prior participants have raving positive comments about it.

      Our business is more complex than publishing patterns, and the cool part about it is – it’s our business – so we get to decide what we do, and how much of it we do. And inspiring young girls to become designers, and teaching people how to design – those are key elements of the business we want to create. We are going to do more of it in the future. If you want a ‘pure’ pattern publishing company to ‘like’, then maybe you need to find another company.

      I hope you can appreciate answers. I’m not trying to be unkind. But I’m a real person, and your comments are very personal to me.


  10. Doll says:

    Beautiful. Tongue is hanging out for more.

  11. Miranda says:

    Are you ever going to make a pattern for these shorts or the Lightning Ridge shirt and pants? I’m just curious. 😀


  12. Kathy says:

    You girls are being a little harsh. Cinnamon’s site fills a need for all sewers.I can sew at all levels and I enjoy the simple and the challenging projects as well.Just keep doing what you are doing – it is an awesome job !

  13. Laura says:


    I absolutely LOVE all of your patterns and all aspects of what you are doing. You have a lot of fans out there!! Keep up the amazing work! You definitely don’t deserve all the nasty comments.

  14. Cinnamon says:

    Thanks Laura,

    We are grateful for you!


  15. Cinnamon,
    I’m so sorry about these nasty comments! This is gorgeous, my favorite of the many beautiful outfits on your site 😀 I was scanning the comments (because I’m really excited, too for whenever you publish the shorts pattern) and I couldn’t believe the heartless, inane comments. Who are these people to expect anything from you? If they don’t like the way you do things, they can shop elsewhere, but I don’t think there is anywhere else you can buy 1) this cute of patterns, 2) in this scale 3) at this good a price.
    You do a beautiful job making all of these, especially at such a reasonable price and in such a straightforward way! I haven’t had the time or resources to sew things like this lately, but as soon as I do, I plan on buying many of your gorgeous patterns!
    Thank you and I hope people like that don’t discourage your great work!

    • Bibba says:

      “Who are these people to expect anything from you? ” Then why is Cinnamon trying so hard to sell outfits , patterns and have close to 20,000 fans on facebook. Your reasoning leads to she doesn’t need to do what she is doing and no fun for you Calise.

  16. Terry says:

    Keep up what you are doing because you are doing a fantastic job.
    As far as the mean and hateful comments…Well if they can do a better job let’s see them offer up a design either simple or intermediate or difficult with a design book with beautiful pictures. No I think not. They would rather just be critical and make hurtful comments.
    I love your designs and those of the other designers you work with. Thank you for all you hard work!

  17. Karen says:

    Cinnamon, I want to toss some roses at your feet. This is such a beautiful, carefully thought out pattern! Liberty Jane patterns are the best I’ve every used–and I have a large collection. The construction methods are clear and extremely clever, and nothing else I’ve used has ever come close to the beautiful fit that is one of the signatures of your work.

    Thank your for your generosity and commitment to excellence. Your work and attitude, I’m sure, are a reflection of the creator you love. “Be strong and take heart.”

  18. Fern says:

    I am shocked that some people would have the nerve to get on here and criticize Cinnamon for not getting exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. Not only is it mean, but it is also ignorant. I draft and design patterns for dolls as well, and I full well know the amount of work and effort that goes into each one. It isn’t like turning on a machine – and people who do not make patterns seem to confuse it as such. Cinnamon’s patterns are high quality, and her instructions very, very well done. I think people too quickly lose appreciation, and start believing they have the right to judge and jury.

    This pattern in incredible! I don’t have any modern AG dolls, or I would be dying to get it!

  19. Lynn says:

    LOVE Cinnamon’s patterns! Have a large tote filled with the printed patterns.

  20. Carol says:

    OH yea! Thxs for the jacket found the bubble shorts in a McCall’s pattern.

  21. Laura Kemner says:

    I would love to see this made in denim.

  22. Nichole strick says:

    I would love to see this made in fabric that is shiny silver!

  23. Maddy says:

    How do you get it to ‘puff’ out in the back? It looks kind of hard. I do plan buying this once I get better with sewing! 🙂

  24. stacy says:

    I cant belive people have the NERVE to say that to Cinnamon. Her designs are VERY high qulity and the people are just impatient.
    Cinnamon has a life you know she isnt a robot. She is a human being and we should be greatful for all the time and money she spent just for a pattern. Not trying to be mean at all

  25. stacy says:

    Cinnamon, i am sorry for hearing people saying this to you. They really should say sorry

  26. Dawn says:

    Question: What kind of fabric do you recommend for this? Looks like it might be something with a little stretch.

  27. Lori Marie says:

    Cinnamon, i have just discovered your patterns and I must say WOW!!! They are all so beautiful and very well thought out. Since i am a long time fan of sewing and well versed in the art of it I am extremely impressed with the quality of your patterns and the time and expertise that is put into all the guides. I look forward to making some new clothes for my daughter. Again Thank you for taking the time to inspire me.

  28. Brooke says:

    Perhaps the critical comments are made out of jealousy because those who made them do not have the talent to and expertise to make the wonderful designs and convert them to patterns. Have they priced commercial patterns recently? You are also to be applauded for publishing the cements. Many people do not have the courage to publish critical comments. Bravo, Cinnamon!


  29. Candice says:

    Hi, I want to make this outfit but I can’t find the shorts that goes along with the other.

  30. Candice says:

    I meant go along with the outfit

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