UK Holiday Top and Leggings Bundle

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The U.K. Holiday Outfit Pattern

Featured in the Euro Libby Collection

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14 responses to “UK Holiday Top and Leggings Bundle”

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    Business, that’s easily defined – it’s other’s money.

  2. Hanna says:


  3. ariana says:

    I would like to see this in magenta

  4. MangaRocks says:

    i was wondering where you got the doll wig- its perfect for a custom i am working on! love those leggings, BTW gonna get them with the Harajuku skirt!

  5. MangaRocks says:

    oh, also I LOVE your doll boots, and i was wondering where you get those too. THX!

  6. Katie says:

    Hi Cinnamon, I was wondering if the wig came at that length or if you cut it. I went to the link you had on the free t-shirt pattern and they just had long red whigs. Please reply soon! Thanks

  7. Samantha,Felicity,Kirsten and Kit says:

    The hair distracts the look. We think it would be cute w/ brown hair. We still like the wig but not w/ this.

  8. basilmentos biggest fan plus one of her best friends says:

    love the hair

  9. annie and kate says:

    really love the hair it soo awesome

  10. Angel says:

    i also want to know where you can buy the doll wig

  11. Suzanne says:

    When you make this shirt be sure to not use fusable hem tape for the elastic casing. I did and when I was ironing one of my seams it fussed…didn’t ruin the shirt, but could have.

  12. […] U.K. Holiday outfit pattern is now available for BFC, Ink. Dolls! Originally designed for 18 inch American Girl Dolls, this classic Liberty Jane design features a peasant style top with an elastic casing sewn in at […]

  13. Maureen says:

    Very happy with this pattern. The leggings are essential for a doll wardrobe and I really like how the top came out. Would be easy to convert to a dress too.

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