Sherpa Boots Doll Clothes Pattern

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10 responses to “Sherpa Boots Doll Clothes Pattern”

  1. Paige says:

    In response to:

    Liberty Jane Clothing
    ONE DAY Liberty Jane GIVEAWAY!!

    Here’s how it works :: go to and comment on a pattern finishing the sentence, “I’d love to see this made in_______”. It could be a type of fabric, a color, etc.

    We will pick one comment at random and that winner will receive 3 FREE PATTERNS (we will contact the winner via email)!! All comments must be made before midnight PST.

    Good luck, LJ Fans!

    I would like to say:
    “I’d love to see this pattern altered and made into western boots for dolls!!!”

  2. Ginger Volk says:

    “I’d love to see this made in knit fabric like the teenagers slippers”.

  3. MangaRocks says:

    I’d love to see these made into Go-go dancer furry boots with black and neon colored fur!

  4. Miranda says:

    Oh man! I need to get this pattern! I’ve been wanting to have a few pairs of the Sherpa style boots for my dolls… 🙂

  5. The_L says:

    This looks like the perfect boot for a special project I’m working on.

  6. Jamie says:

    What other fabric could you use for this because sherpa material is pretty expensive.

    • Hi Jamie, I made my own Sherpa material by bonding faux sheepskin with microsuede with fuse-able webbing. I don’t think it was too expensive doing it that way. You could then just use scraps of microsuede of different colors and vary it how ever you like. Hope that helps.


  7. Gwen says:

    Can these be made into the UGG style boots?

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