JANES Shoe Pattern for Dolls

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 JANES Doll Shoe Pattern

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Is It Time To Teach Your Daughter To Sew?
Maybe this is the perfect project!
Your daughter wants new doll clothes, why not use that excitement to teach her a valuable skill – Sewing. It’s a skill she’ll use her entire life. The bonding and special one-on-one teaching time with your daughter will be invaluable. This is the perfect project to make it a reality. She’ll be excited to learn, and thank you for showing her something new.


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55 responses to “JANES Shoe Pattern for Dolls”

  1. Sam says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big doll hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for the jacketsYEAH!!!

  2. Giselle says:

    I can’t wait for this pattern!!!!

  3. Mia says:

    I love Toms, so these are perfect! So ADORABLE!!!!!!:)

  4. Granny Sandy says:

    I wish some new downloads would be come avaible. As I have been ordering for the past few years an have all of them,an really like them.
    LUV LUV those shoes can`t wait to get them!

  5. ellie says:


  6. Jonna says:

    These shoes are so cute I am looking forward to the pattern coming out soon!

  7. Lanie says:

    Do you have a estimate of when this pattern will come out? I really want to get sewing and I can’t buy any of the patterns until this one comes out!

    • Cinnamon says:

      HI Lanie, It’ll be out in just a few minutes 🙂 We’re just finishing up the final details.


  8. Meg says:

    AAAH! Janes!! My favorite!

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  10. fran stroud says:

    OH MY! I just downloaded the JANES!!!

    My only problem is that I’m on vacation – sitting here in my condo and can’t make any till I get home.

    They are so cute. This is fantastic!

    Can’t wait to see what’s next.

    All I know is I’m going to love it.

  11. Marie says:

    Ok I am buying this now.

  12. Marie says:

    so can we use the “Janes” brand too in case we decide to sell this?

  13. Wendy says:

    Just received this pattern and cannot wait to make them. I notice on the instuctions, black corrugated foam soles. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this foam

    • Cinnamon & Team LJC says:

      Hi Wendy, Sorry… this is a product that we have an abundance of because we had oredered a few dozen tennis shoes that we took apart to use the rubber edging for antoher project. I reused the black soles for the JANES that I’ve made for sale. I haven’t been able to find somewhere to buy this exact same product. Of course you could always do what I did, but it’s a bit time consuming 🙂 The other method I show, using the chipboard (a very sturdy cardboard type product) works best, and can be paired with foam or cork for a great realistic look for the bottom of the sole. Hope this helps!


    • Claudia (alwaysAGz) says:

      Wendy, Here’s an idea:
      I thought about making these for my dolls, and I was also mulling over what to use for the soles. What I’ve found is that if you get a cheap pair of flip flops in the largest size available, they work as a great alternate. Try old navy, you get two pairs for 5 dollars! I went and bout size 11 Flip flops lol. Just take the flip flop, lay it on it’s side and cut it in half so that it makes the sole thinner, and less awkward.

      • horseygal says:

        That’s cool!!! Good idea Claudia. I want to get these and other patterns. Any suggestions for beginner sewers?

  14. brittany says:

    I’m planning on purchasing this pattern but I’m wanting to make sure I can get all of the supplies. What did you use for the trim?

  15. Izzie says:

    i love this pattern soooo cute

  16. Linda says:

    Love this pattern. Purchased it and can’t wait to get started. How do I get the happy dress pattern?

  17. […] shop? I know our dolls love shopping so when I saw the doll sized shopping bag shown with the new Liberty Jane “Janes”  shoe pattern, I just knew I had to share it with you! Liberty Jane is always coming up with the most fashionable […]

  18. Aislinn says:

    I love this 😀 I’m probably gonna buy it 🙂

  19. Avalon says:

    I want these so badly! I haven’t bought anything from you guys yet, but I’ve gotten free patterns, and I love them! The first thing that I’ve ever sewn was the tank top. It didn’t work out too well, but I’m getting better! And my sister has a serger, so she is going to teach me how to use that so it will look even more professional! Love you guys!

  20. stacy says:

    This is a great pattern i really love it. Thanks!!!!!!!

  21. Liesel says:

    I’d love to see this made glittery sparkles.

  22. Virginia says:

    I’d like to see this made in embroidered denim.

  23. Rachel says:

    I would love to see these made in either black or brown leather. would that be cute?

  24. annabelle says:

    i love it! so cute! wish they sold janes! i am terrid at sewing

  25. annabelle says:

    I would love to see janes in pink too or navy that would be cool can you sew these and sell them on ebay that would be cute cute cute cute cute

  26. Jodee says:

    Hi! I love this pattern! I was just wondering what else would work for trim? I’m having trouble finding the hemp.

    Thanks for all the great patterns!

  27. Kristi says:

    I bought the JANES pattern and I’m having a lot of trouble making them. I wish you had a more detailed picture tutorial as far as each step goes. I haven’t found chipboard anywhere and I’ve asked at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Could you update with more pics??? Thanks

    • Channa says:

      Kristi – try cutting up a cereal box. The chipboard I’ve bought at the store is generally thicker, but cereal boxes are cheaper. 🙂

  28. someone says:


  29. Aya says:

    can you please make the Janes cheaper??
    PLZ the 24.99 doll shoes are a bit TTTOOOO Expensie for “DOLL SHOES”
    you could buy real shoe for real people that can really wear them!

    not to be mean
    but that toooo expensie
    mind to lower the price?
    NOT TO BE MEAN! :./

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  32. sera says:

    hi cinnamon i was wondering if it said in the instructions (before i buy the pattern) how to make the little tag that says JANES on it, also i had a request
    -could you make a white sparkly pair and sell on ebay or etsy?

  33. Ry says:

    Could you make this pattern for Heart for Hearts dolls?

  34. Ry says:

    Could you make this pattern for Heart for Hearts dolls?

  35. Jessica says:

    How do you make the “Janes” label on the back of the shoe?

  36. Joy says:

    These are so cute! I recently got a pair myself. And one guestion Cinnamon, Where could I buy the cork?

  37. Joy says:

    Whoops, I mean question.

  38. Aryn says:

    Just got the pattern and i’m wondering what a steam a seam is and a heat a bond is. Also where can i get it?

    • Aryn says:

      never mind about what a steam a seam is

    • Team LJC says:

      HI, Both steam a seam and heat and bond are fusible products that work when heated with an iron. The heat will melt the glue causing it to stick to the fabric, then when it cools it’s fused together. It’s helpful for creating those tiny hems 🙂

  39. notreal says:

    wow this looks hard but so good i wish i could do this

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