Canvas Slip-On Shoe Pattern

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Canvas Slip-On  Shoe Pattern For 18 Inch Dolls

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3 responses to “Canvas Slip-On Shoe Pattern”

  1. Jo says:

    How do AG dolls size up compared to Our Generation? Am wanting to make clothes but grandgirl’s OG doll is 6 hrs away. Jo

    • Nancyb says:

      Jo, go to the section here that says “Projects & Tips” There you’ll find measurements of lots of 18-21″ dolls. Be sure to also read the comments as others have posted measurements of their non-AG dolls, such as OG that you asked about. Also look on ebay and you can sometimes find an OG doll that you can use for a model. Good luck.

  2. Alice Bramhall says:

    What a great excuse to get yourself a doll –
    Or surely a neighbor or friend has a doll to borrow – you
    could make an outfit for letting you borrow –
    new friends too – good luck

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