Indian Sari Doll Clothes Pattern

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 The Indian Sari Doll Clothes Pattern

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4 responses to “Indian Sari Doll Clothes Pattern”

  1. LOVE THIS PATTERN! I love to see traditional clothing and we have a very big Indian community here in South Africa and this is just a great pattern for my pattern collection!

  2. madison says:

    well, it has this downloading software that is the same as the antlers pattern.Not sure if safe to download.

    • Team LJC says:

      Hi Madison, You do not need to download any software to download the files. If a pop up is asking you to do this, your computer might have a virus that targets pdf downloads. You only need to have Adobe reader installed, which most computers already have. email me directly and I can send you the files you purchased that way.

  3. sophia says:

    That is the awesomeist dress ever

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