Irish Dance Solo Dress Pattern

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Irish Dance Solo Dress Doll Clothes Pattern

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5 responses to “Irish Dance Solo Dress Pattern”

  1. Gwen says:

    Does it come with the shoe pattern as well?

    • Eden Ava Couture says:

      Hi Gwen! The pattern is for the dress, headpiece, cape and bloomers. We do not have a pattern for the shoes, but stay tuned! A super easy free tutorial is being developed to make Irish Dance Ghillies to compliment the dress!

  2. […] our long awaited Irish Dance Solo Dress pattern is now available for purchase at Liberty Jane Patterns!  Download, Print, and Sew […]

  3. Gwen says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait!

  4. adopted7dolls says:

    I want this pattern. I would create one with each color of the rainbow (except indigo) and one that was black. Loving Irish music, especially Celtic Woman, I’m glad there is a pattern for an Irish Step dress. I might make three for my friend’s dolls

  5. aglover says:

    O my gosh I do irish dance and love this outfit I want to make one that looks like my solo dress! LOVE IT <3.

  6. […] free new You Tube Video tutorial is now available to make Irish Dance Ghillies to go along with the Irish Dance Solo Dress Pattern.  This no-sew tutorial is easy using purchased black shoes and men’s dress shoe laces.  A […]

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