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Pixie Faire Handover_Square IconWe have a big change in store for our pattern shoppers and visitors to our Liberty Jane Patterns website, ( Read all the info below to learn more!

First, a bit of background and explanation for this change…

Why We’re Changing:

The Liberty Jane Patterns website started in September of 2009 with the goal of selling our doll clothes patterns. We have been incredibly blessed to grow into a destination site for pattern shoppers and we’ve had over 300,000 patterns downloaded to-date. We are incredibly grateful for the loyal following and faithful customers that have made our work possible.

But as you know, over the last several years we’ve added designs from many other pattern publishers. The website has truly become a marketplace for an amazing collection of independent pattern sellers. unfortunately, the name of our website, ( doesn’t indicate that fact.

So we’ve spent the last year completely re-imagining our pattern selling and the marketplace we’ve created. We worked to dream something up that we could really be proud of – something that would wow (you) our loyal customers and create a shopping experience that was both fun, easy, and memorable.

We also wanted to create a marketplace that would honor all the pattern sellers and their brands. We wanted to create a site that would clearly position each designer as an independent artist. We hope to add more pattern sellers soon – and continue to expand the amazing selection we’ve assembled.

So today we are announcing the launch of a new pattern marketplace – Pixie Faire.

The new website is replacing as the primary place to buy our patterns.  We’ve had the site tested by several hundred loyal customers and their feedback was incredibly positive. We think you’re going to love this new site.

After that transition is complete Liberty Jane Patterns will serve as a showcase of our own brand of pattern designs – but refers people to the new site for the shopping experience.

So, please do us the honor of visiting our brand new site and shop for some patterns…


After your first transaction, free or paid, you will be asked to create your account. Once you do this you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program and able to use the wish list function. All of these new features are designed to help you have a better shopping experience, including:

  • A wish list To Organize Your Future Purchases
  • A User Account With Pixie Faire Transaction History To Re-Download Prior Purchases
  • Pixie Perks – A Loyalty Program To Earn Points & Get Discounts
  • Direct Checkout With Credit Cards Or Paypal

You might enjoy visiting the “story page” to read why we decided on this name. And here is our fun new logo – feel free to share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram accounts…

Pixie_Faire Doll Clothes Patterns


Thanks again for all of your ongoing support for our work. On behalf of all of the designers that use Pixie Faire – thank you – we are grateful for your ongoing support.

Cinnamon Miles,

Liberty Jane Clothing


4 responses to “Pattern Sales are now at Pixie Faire”

  1. Madison says:

    I love the idea!
    But, the website name doesn’t really say
    who’s company it is. It says the company is called
    Pixie faire.
    But on the other hand it is worth a try.
    You should start a magazine then you might
    really get a marketplace going!
    I love your work and hope you will do will with
    Your new website!!
    Your biggest fan,


  2. Betty Reinwald says:

    New to dressing 18″ dolls and love the Liberty Jane name. Feel like I know you I’ve gone over the patterns so many times, making my choices. Sooooo….Liz Claiborne and Elizabeth kept their self named company. Paul Mitchell kept their name. Many others. Wish you had too.

    A questions ~ I ordered 4 patterns yesterday and forgot that for 3, you get a freebie. Can I still get that? Will someone contact me please.

  3. Sheryll Hisey says:

    Have you considered adding patterns for the 20″ Australian Girl dolls? It would be a great time to do so, what with your Outback Libby book in progress. Or maybe you could do one of your “How-to” projects on adjusting current patterns to fit a 20″ doll. I would love to get some feedback from you on this!

  4. Kristina says:

    I bought a Carpatina doll to give to my grand niece and now find it difficult to sew clothes for her. Thank goodness I am an accomplished seamstress as I have had to alter all of the doll patterns from the major pattern makers. She is a slim 18 inch doll. Will the BFC patterns fit this doll? Please let me know as I love your designs.

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