Our History

About Liberty Jane Clothing: We started in January 2008. We focus on an intense level of detail, create custom patterned outfits, use top quality fabrics, and give our customers the chance to own something rare and beautiful.

About The Founders: Cinnamon Miles has been called, “The Vera Wang of the 18 inch crowd”. She is an official brand ambassador for the Bernina Company, the world’s premiere maker of sewing machines. You can read more about her journey as a designer here.

Jason Miles is the co-founder and marketer. He holds an MBA from Eastern University, and undergraduate degrees in both Organizational Management and Biblical Studies. You can learn more about his professional journey here.

About Our Corporate Vision:

To be a loved Brand: We envision Liberty Jane as an aspirational brand that has real equity in the hearts and minds of tween girls, moms, and doll collectors.

To Inspire: We hope to inspire young, (and old alike), to explore their passion for sewing and designing. We offer our design tips and our patterns for this reason. Our patterns are very inexpensive so that anyone can afford them. Our Youtube Design Contests are intended to make girls work hard at design – to inspire and encourage. (Okay and it helps build our brand too).

To Equip: We hope to equip seamstresses to launch their home based businesses successfully. We believe the beauty and creativity of small production seamstresses can always outperform poorly designed, mass marketed products. We would love to see a huge selection of well made, well marketed doll clothes on Ebay and Etsy. Let’s create something amazing together!

About Liberty Jane Patterns: In the fall of 2009 we decided to begin making our patterns available. Our reasoning was fairly simple. Although we are honored and thrilled at the high prices our outfits go for at auction, we realize there are a lot of people who won’t ever pay $80 to $150 for a doll outfit, but they would gladly buy a pattern and try to make something themselves. We see Liberty Jane Patterns as a substantial part of our work and plan to grow it extensively. Our patterns are easy to follow, in the form of Guidebooks, with color pictures, and step-by-step instructions. They are offered as digital downloads, for just $3.99, so you can start your project immediately. We are also expanding the site and pattern choices by partnering with exceptional designers. It’s fun to see them join in the fun, and build their brands. We hope to add more over time.

About our Auctions: We hold our auctions on our EBay store, and generally list things for 7 day – starting and ending on Sunday evening. Sometimes we list things on Thursday for a 10 day auction, so they end on Sunday evening.

About our Primary Website: We sell a small collection of separates and Buy-It-Now outfits through our website, http://www.libertyjaneclothing.com/

About our Design Contests: We love to inspire design and use our Youtube channel as the primary platform for our design contests.

Commercial Use: If you’re a seamstress, and would like to sew outfits using our patterns, you can email cinnamon@libertyjaneclothing.com and receive a copy of our terms and conditions. We’d be happy to have you become a partner.

About Liberty Jane Partners: There are a growing number of seamstresses (over 400) using the patterns from our Liberty Jane Patterns site as the foundation of their offline, or online, (Ebay or Etsy), business. Our Liberty Jane Partners site is designed to help them be as successful as possible, by sharing our tips, tricks, tools, ideas, strategies and insights.

The Liberty Jane  Team!

(Last updated January 2010)


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