Cinnamon Miles

About Cinnamon: Cinnamon Miles is the c0-founder and the lead designer at our company. She has been called the Vera Wang of the 18 inch crowd. She is an official brand ambassador for the Bernina company, the world’s premiere maker of sewing machines.

Here is her story in her own words…

I started sewing doll clothes when I was 8 for my 17 inch Kimberly doll. I loved making those outfits! My mom taught me to sew and it was my passion immediately.

My mom realized I was pretty obsessed when I accidentally sewed into my finger while making an outfit and the needle broke off – so she had to take me to the hospital to get X-Rays. The next day I told her I had to keep working on my project and needed her help replacing the needle. She just smiled. She worked for a Fashion Designer/label in L.A. before I was born, (called Switched On Ltd. in Santa Monica), so she was a pretty amazing sewing teacher.

My grandma had a friend who worked for Bob Mackie (my original inspiration). She would give me scraps of fancy material that I would use to make dresses for my doll. I still have Kimberly and those original Bob Mackie fabric outfits! They weren’t exactly perfect, but they were pretty good for an 8 year old. Now my daughters play with Kimberly and those old clothes.
(Old Kimberly in her Bob Mackie Fabric Outfit)

Q: How did you start Liberty Jane Clothing?

Answer: I took a long break from designing, then when my girls started to get into American Girl Dolls, I found my daughters wanting unique outfits and I wasn’t impressed with the options. And when we looked beyond the AG catalog, we found things made with very low quality, or designed very poorly, or both. I decided to make my own patterns and outfits similar to things they see on TV and in magazines. Contemporary, fun, couture.
Everyone was shocked by how well they came out.
My husband and I decided maybe there was a business opportunity here, and so with a lot of prayer and planning, we started to put together the pieces of a small business. It’s been a bit overwhelming, but still fun.
We are not concerned about high volume or manufacturing in China, we’re focused on an intense level of detail, high quality fabrics, and designs that are bold and trendy. My goal is to translate contemporary fashion hits into the 18 inch doll market for collectors and young girls who are excited by today’s fashions. I try to have a celebrity inspiration each year, and also create a spring and fall line of original designs.  

We believe Liberty Jane (as a brand) stands for something. We have been blown away by the excitement for it, and the support. I’ll never forget listing our first outfit on Ebay and getting an email inquiry in the first few minutes. We just had no idea there would be this much interest. We’re excited to see how that energy translates into new and bigger projects.
(Our First Outfit Sold On Ebay – “Premiere Pop Star)
We decided to use my youngest daughters first and middle name for the “Brand” – Liberty Jane. It sounded like it could be a clothing brand, so we went with it. We think it works. Now she’s the official spokesgirl for the company. You can see her in our promo videos on Youtube,

As you can tell by the Statue Of Liberty styled crown ‘i’ in our logo, we are trying to convey a sense of Americana. Our clothes are American Made, which is actually pretty rare, for doll clothes, and shoppers are smart enough to know that of course. Obviously we are operating in support of the amazing American Girl ecosystem, so in our minds, an homage to America, (and the Statue Of Liberty), seems like a great brand attribute.

All the best,


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