Micah Caitlin

Hi everyone, here’s a little bit about me…

Ever since I can remember, I have loved American Girl dolls. Before I had my own, I would flip through the catalogs again and again and plan out my future collection. On my 8th birthday, I received Samantha and it took off from there!

Another thing I distinctly remember, was watching my older sister sew. It was always fascinating for me to see what she would create and I wanted to do the same thing. When I was twelve, a good friend of my mother’s noticed that I was interested in sewing and every Thursday afternoon for years we got together and I learned how to sew. I credit so much of what I do today to those lessons.

Sewing for American Girl dolls has been the perfect combination of many of my interests. It has allowed me to grow creatively in so many ways. I am always looking into new ways to expand my skills and I am very excited to be part of this new venture from Liberty Jane!

Thank you for reading this, buying my patterns, and supporting my new brand – Heritage Doll Fashions!


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