Nancy Hoover

MFC BlogHi everyone,

We are happy to announce that Liberty Jane has partnered up with Nancy Hoover at Maiden Flight Clothing to begin publishing Karito Kid sized patterns. They will be published on We’ll start with our basics – Trendy Tank, Trendy Tee, Strappy Tank, Jeans, and a few others. Of course some will be free, as usual, so customers can try out our patterns and decide if they like them.

Then we’ll continue to expand the catalog to include more favorites from our AG sized outfits if we find a following. The first few patterns should come out in the next week or so. Here’s a sneak peak…

Why Karito Kids? We’ve admired the mission, purpose and appearance of Karito Kids for a few years now. We’ve always thought it would be fun to begin to design for more dolls, and this seemed like a good first step.¬†We’re excited to support their collector community and see them grow as a company.

Why Maiden Flight Clothing? This is a fun example of a visionary designer, (Nancy), creating a cool brand, finding an interesting niche, and launching something new and exciting. When we brainstormed together about Karito Kids, we realized the enthusiasm and interest was a perfect match.

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