Cathy Neal

Hi everyone,

Here is a little bit about me:

I saw my first American Girl doll ,when my daughter bought one on ebay for my granddaughter. That first doll didn’t come with any clothes, so grandma to the rescue! I have sewn clothes for myself and my daughter and her dolls for years, so off to the store I went. That first Christmas dress went well, and everyone said I should make clothes for the AG dolls and sell them on ebay. My business was launched!

It wasn’t until I came across a posting for a Liberty Jane outfit, that I knew I had a lot to learn! Her photos and listing was so much better than any I had seen before, not to mention the clothes styles themselves! So I started tweaking the store and bought patterns to be more like hers. I was so excited when she offered a partnership, I knew I could learn a lot more, and I have! So with a new name, MI GURLZ CLOTHING (MI for Michigan), my new adventure began.
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