Cheryl Heughins

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More About Cheryl Heughins and Ardently Admire Doll Attire:

It is such a thrill to have my doll size patterns available at Liberty Jane.  My friends have always encouraged me to “do something” with my patterns and for me, this is the first “something”!

I have always liked to have clothes that not everyone else had, and I wanted what I made to look better than store bought.  These are the two ideas that are at the forefront of my pattern designing.  If you are interested in seeing what goes into making a pattern for me, I have pictures of the process on my new blog:

I started sewing and designing doll size garments to match what I was making for my daughter and her doll.  Most of what I was making did not have a doll size pattern.   Once I started shrinking down girl size patterns to doll size patterns, of course, I began thinking about designing doll size dress and then making a matching girl’s size.  I am starting off by sharing a few doll size inspirations, and will start working on multiple sized patterns for girls soon.

I am looking forward to designing both doll size and matching girl size designs for my new brand, Ardently Admire Doll Attire.

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