Diane Hunter

Product Information

What an honor to be part of such flourishing organization.  It certainly isn’t luck that has gotten Cinnamon and Jason so recognized in such a short time.  Their business model is impeccable.  I couldn’t be more pleased to be in a partnership with them.


I have been sewing most of my life, but as with most people, my career took up too much of my spare time.  I loved sewing baby clothes, then childrens’ clothes…of course costumes, and when time permitted I’d get around to sewing myself a few outfits.


With a few changes in my life, I am delightfully able to sew a lot more now.  I devote several days a week to sewing and am excited to reunite with some design work.  I have been hooked on AG dolls since I bought the first one for a gift.  The dolls and their owners make it so easy to be creative.


I am excited to continue on this journey of creativity and inspiration.


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