We have lots of happy downloaders each day, but sometimes things don’t work. Hopefully this page will help you identify and fix any problem you’re encountering. If you cannot find a remedy for a problem you’re encountering, just send us an email at support@libertyjanepatterns.com

Q: I cannot seem to open the pattern properly, what’s wrong?

  • Answer: Check to make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Viewer, so you can open PDF documents.

Q: My outfit didn’t come out right, is the pattern really right or did I make a mistake?

  • Answer: The pattern is checked exhaustively to ensure it’s accurate, and most patterns are downloaded and used by lots and lots of happy seamstresses. So most likely, you made a mistake, we’d recommend you try your outfit again, and if you feel the pattern is inaccurate, send us a message.

Q: I bought a pattern, but didn’t save it, and now I can’t find it, what do I do?

  • Answer: Send us an email and we can re-activate your download link.

Q: I thought I got the Shinny Happy Dress pattern but I don’t see it, what am I missing?

  • Answer: A link to the Shinny Happy Dress instructions are provided in the ‘thank you’ email each time you buy a pattern. There are not pattern pieces in the  guidebook that you download, just instructions to go along with the free tank top pattern.

Q: I’m a designer and make patterns – how do I get my patterns published on Liberty Jane Patterns?

  • Answer: We are always looking for new pattern partners – send us an email to find out how the process works.

Q: Can I sell items made from these patterns?

  • Answer: We love partnering with sew-from-home business owners and would love to have you become a partner. We have a Terms & Conditions document that is very straightforward. Read more about becoming a Liberty Jane Partner here.

Q: Are the Instructions simple even if I’m not a good seamstress? YES!


Q: Can I Start immediately if I have a sewing machine and the materials? YES!


Q: Will the finished product turn out like the pictures if I follow the directions? YES!


Q: Will you give me a refund if I’m not happy with the pattern? YES!


Q: I’ve seen Simplicity and McCalls Patterns, are these easier to follow? YES!

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