Liese Brouwer

As all little girls I loved my dolls! I grew up in a sewing family and it didn’t take long for me to to sew for my baby doll and Barbie dolls. I remember many days sitting and cutting out my mom’s patterns and watching her sew wedding dresses. We also loved knitting together… she would knit for my sister and I would knit for my Barbie doll. One of my greatest inspirations was my Gran. She sewed beautiful dolls clothes for the “First Love” baby doll. Her clothes became so popular and people all over bought them. But her granddaughters got the best outfits!

I discovered American Girl only 2 years ago. Here in South Africa we do not have 18″ dolls. I love these dolls… I think every young girl should have one or a similar 18″ doll!

I have been in the sewing machine industry since leaving school. I love sewing, teaching and machine embroidery. Designing patterns for my American Girl is amazing. It is a combination of all hobbies I love. I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my patterns with you. Thank you Liberty Jane.

Last but not least I want to introduce to you my heart… my 3 children. Declan, Zoe and Avian, born in March 2011. They are always part of what I do – I have perfected the art of sewing with a toddler on my lap! My little girl wants to sew and she can’t even talk yet!

Thank you for meeting me. How incredible to be able to share our love for dolls and sewing with one another. Enjoy your creations…

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