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Sewing & Selling Partners:

If you want to use our patterns as the basis of your sew-from-home business then send an email to saying, “I want to partner”, and we’ll send you the General Terms and Conditions document. Read it, and agree to it, and you’re good to go. We are eager to partner with you. We are not a mass manufacturer of doll clothes, so we depend on seamstresses to make these outfits available to a growing group of eager buyers. That’s an opportunity for you! Our system is pretty simple – You make and sell garments using our patterns, and keep all the money, and all we ask in return is that you mention you used a Liberty Jane, (or Doll Duds, or Heritage Clothesline, etc.) pattern. We also have a private membership site which is filled with tools and resources to help you grow your online business. Visit it to learn more:

Corporate Partnerships, Advertising, and Product Promotion:

Founded in 2008, we are making a name for ourselves in the doll clothes space, and beyond. With a growing and energetic following of young seamstresses, and their moms, we are developing a tight bond with a new generation of sewing enthusiasts. Currently Cinnamon Miles is an official brand ambassador for Bernina, the world’s leading sewing machine maker.



If you represent an industry leading corporate brand, and want to explore partnering with Cinnamon Miles, or Liberty Jane Clothing, please send us a note to We are happy to discuss opportunities for partnership, product promotion, or advertisement. Currently we are looking for significant brand partners to under-write our weekly newsletter, our video contests, and ‘sponsor’ our pattern guidebooks. If you’re interested we will be happy to share pertinant data related to reach and frequency.

Jason & Cinnamon Miles

Liberty Jane Clothing

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